Skilsaw SPT67WM-22 15 Amp 7-1/4″ Sidewinder Magnesium Circular Saw


What do you say when you need a bandage, you say Band-Aid.  What do you say when you need clear tape, you say Scotch Tape.  The same holds true for a circular saw and why is that?  Because Skilsaw has built an incredible, powerful and reliable circular saw year after year.  This is their bread and butter.  After all, they have the saw that built America with the model 77 and who can argue with that track record?

Today we are taking a look at their 7-1/4″ Sidewinder circular saw, model SPT 67 WM-22. The sidewinder uses an inline or direct drive motor or Spur-Gear.  This unlike the wormdrive makes it more compact.  These saws tend to have a higher speed, but lower torque than the wormdrive saws.  Now that you know this and its design is to be more compact, Skil took it one step further by building this bad boy out of Magnesium.  The housing, guard and shoe are all Magnesium which means you get strength, but don’t have the weight of steel.  Designed with a 15 amp motor, this is a powerful saw, but seriously would you expect anything less from Skilsaw?  According to Skilsaw, this saw stays true, which for obvious reasons, this is important.  The saw weighs 8.8 lbs and comes with a 10′ power cord.  Oh yeah I almost forgot about the best part of this saw, it’s in our Ultimate Tool Bag Giveaway.

You can cut bevel cuts up to 56 degrees.  I have to say that setting this saw up for bevel cuts is very smooth.  The numbers are easy to read and I like how easy it is to dial in the degree.  The plate moves smoothly.  The saw even comes with a 24 tooth Diablo blade which spins at 5,300 rpm.  Changing the height is also a snap.  Skilsaw even has a nice easy to read measurement system.  Instead of numbers, it just shows different plywood sizes.

buyamazon1Skil SPT67WM-22 15 Amp 7-1/4 in. Sidewinder Magnesium Circular Saw

In my opinion Skilsaw makes the best circular saw.  They are tried and true saws.  Not only are they tough and reliable, but you know it will always be there for you.  Take a look at how many old Skilsaws are still around on the jobsites now a days.  Now take a look at other tools around the site.  You will probably see more older Skilsaws than any other tools around, well maybe a couple of the guys who work there, but other than that, probably not many.



  1. Nice saw, lots of people just call all circular saws skill saws, they’ve declared their name and it’s good to see them come out with higher end saws because we know just skil branded tools aren’t the greatest.

  2. This is a great review and i am contemplating between this saw and the Makita. Truthfully i like this one better just wish it had the light integrated. TIA Crew #1.


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