Sawstop – A new breed of table saws


Sawstop is exactly that, a table saw with a nifty safety option. How it works is when your finger or body part comes into contact with the blade (two teeth), the blade automatically stops and drops into the table.

Basically its a professional table saw with a 1.7 5 hp motor.   It has everything a traditional table saw has including an aluminium fence and cast Iron table.  The difference with this saw is its safety feature.  The Sawstop has an electronic electric system that monitors changes.  This system recognizes the electrical changes from a human to a piece of wood.  If it detects a change in an electric status, a brake is applied and the blade drops into the table in milliseconds.  You can read about this table saw here.

This is a pretty cool safety feature that we are sure will catch on.  But don’t let it fool you, you still need to be careful because kick backs can happen or lose clothing can get caught in the blade.


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