Ryobi’s New 18 Volt One Plus Lawn Tools – Summer 2016


Below are some video teasers of some new Ryobi tools coming out soon.  Looks like they will have a new leaf blower, string trimmer, and chainsaw.  These recently just surfaced on YouTube.  The new blower looks like a copy of the Ridgid X4 blower, so it should have similar power as the Ridgid version.  The chainsaw and string trimmer look like completely new designs. We haven’t been able to find any specs on these tools. I just wanted let everyone know that cool new lawn tools are coming from Ryobi for summer 2016. You can’t beat Ryobi when it comes to the variety and price. That’s why Ryobi won TIA budget tool brand for 2015.


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  1. Very cool,id like to see that chainsaw in action. A small chain saw like that would be nice around the house and for camping.

  2. Push button piling? That’s different, could become annoying but cool to see them revamp their line up a bit. That blower like you said does look like the rigid.

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