Ryobi Work Light Review

Ryobi Work Light Review

Ryobi has been releasing some pretty cool work lights over the years and they have more on the way.  The P795 has a little twist to it and something I have never seen before in another power tool manufacturer work light.  A user can adjust the color temperatures to give you an accurate color perception.  This is such a cool feature and when we first heard about it, we knew we had to get our hands on one and try it out.  So let’s jump into the Ryobi Work Light Review and see if this cool feature can justify the purchase.

Ryobi Work Light Review Overview

I am sure you have been in this situation.  You visit your local box store, grab some color samples and then buy some paint.   Then when you paint the wall, it doesn’t look like the way you remember it at the store.  Well, the main reason is the lighting.  In most of the big box stores, they have florescent lighting where you might have a natural white light at your house or anything in between.  Light is not light.  Sure it helps you see, but it doesn’t all look the same.

With the Ryobi P795, you can now adjust your lighting to match your situation which is perfect for a painter, photographer, interior designer or other areas where light can play tricks on your eyes.

The Ryobi P795 will allow you to adjust the light to give your desired outcome.  So no longer are you stuck with one light spectrum.  You can now adjust your light from different Kelvin’s which is pretty cool.

Ryobi Work Light Review Features


Ryobi Work Light Review

The Ryobi P795 puts out 1,200 lumens on high, 700 lumens on medium and 100 on low.

Ryobi Work Light Review

While this light is a Hybrid light, you will get some serious runtime with the Ryobi 18V battery.  On low you will get about 35 hours of runtime.

Ryobi Work Light Review

The light uses 8 CREE total LED lights.  Four LED lights cover one side of the spectrum and the other four cover the other side of the spectrum.  So a user can adjust the light from 2700K to 5000K degrees color temperature.

Ryobi Work Light Review

The knob on the top has a couple different functions.  Push the knob in and you will be able to turn the light on/off or change modes from high, medium or low.  If you twist the knob, you can change the color temperature.

Ryobi Work Light Review

I love how you can power this by Ryobi 18V battery or extension cord.  So a user doesn’t have to be on the Ryobi platform to use this light.

Ryobi Work Light Review

On the bottom of the stand, there is a 1/4 in. x 20 tripod mount and keyholes where you can hang it with wire or screws.

Ryobi Work Light Review

The stand is wide and is built from plastic and metal.  For me, I like how it’s wide and won’t tip over.

Ryobi Work Light Review

The light will swivel 360° on the stand and there is also a lock to lock the light in a specific direction.

Ryobi Work Light Review Performance

As you can see with these pictures, there is a white light and more of a dull light.  This is the range of the light output.

Here is an example of a wall with both spectrums showing.  With the naked eye, it is closer to the purple color

I have to say I love this light.  I love how I can change the temperature of light and get a true color.  I love the hybrid feature which will allow me to power it any way I want.  Since Ryobi designed this with CREE LED lights, I know those will last as they are some of the best LED lights in the marketplace.

I think this is a rock solid lighting option from Ryobi.  I know there isn’t much to review in a light but this has some cool and useful features.

Ryobi Work Light Review Value

The light retails for about $80 on The Home Depot website.  At first, I thought this was a little high but then considering how you can adjust the color temperatures and power this by using their 18V battery or extension cord, the price doesn’t seem too bad at all.

The light is a quality light and for the homeowner or even the contractor such as a painter, interior decorator or someone who relies on a true light, this is a decent value.

Ryobi Work Light Review Final Thoughts

This is one of those lights I would highly recommend.  I love being able to have a true color light which is perfect for so many people such as photographer.  The stand is solid and I love how the light spreads out and isn’t concentrated in one area.  Being able to power two ways is a huge plus especially if you’re not on the Ryobi battery platform.  For me, I would like to own a couple of these.


  1. This looks like a cool light. I have the LED Bench worklight and it has been a great addition. Now I am thinking I need this one also.


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