RYOBI VS Makita: Which Brand has the Best Camping Essentials?

RYOBI vs Makita: camping essentials

Tools in Action always wants you to be equipped with the right tools, even when you step outside the garage and into the great outdoors. It’s camping season and two of your favorite tool brands have tons of great camping essentials, but which brand has the best for your adventures? Today we’re going RYOBI vs Makita: Camping Essentials, where we compare camping equipment from each brand to find who is better for outdoor enthusiasts.

We will be comparing each brands overall camping lineup and take a closer look at each brand’s power options, price points and more.

RYOBI vs Makita Guide

Things to Consider When Buying Camping Essentials

Camping essentials are any items you need for you and your family/friends to have a comfortable stay on your camping trip or outdoor adventure. This can include basics such as water and toilet paper, to amenities like coffee makers, electric coolers, and power stations. Because RYOBI and Makita are power tool brands with impressive cordless technology we’ll be looking at the latter of camping essentials.

Still, regardless of what products each brand offers, here are a few things to consider when buying the right camping essentials for you:

  • What kind of camping or outdoor adventures do you do: campgrounds, off-grid, RV-ing or boating, day vs night hiking, etc.
  • Frequency and duration of trips.
  • The amount and type of equipment you bring with: electronic devices and cell phones, solar devices, limited and primitive tools and technology, kids toys, etc.

Once you have reviewed these ideas and fully understand the outside adventurer you are you will have a better grasp on the kind and quality of the camping essentials you need.

RYOBI vs Makita: at a glance

RYOBI is historically a homeowner/DIY’er brand and the price reflects that. RYOBI power tools and outdoor power equipment (OPE) generally cost less than pro brands. However, RYOBI still provides consumers with a high level of quality at an affordable price point.

Makita is a well-respected pro brand that promises a high level of performance with its power tools and OPE products. Makita tools and equipment tend to price higher but offer a higher performance compared to RYOBI products.

Our guess is that overall RYOBI products are going to be cheaper and more suited for average weekend camping adventures. Meanwhile, Makita will have more expensive products but can provide more power or power products longer.

But let’s dive in and find out.

RYOBI Camping Essentials

RYOBI vs Makita Outdoor

In general, RYOBI uses the RYOBI 18V Li-ion Battery to power most of its camping essentials, with a few items using the RYOBI 40V Li-ion Battery.

At a glance, RYOBI’s lineup of camping essentials includes: 4 portable power options, 4 portable speaker options, 4 portable fans, 4 portable lights, a cooler, a tire inflator, and a portable bug zapper. The majority of these items provide consumers with at least four options allowing them to choose something within their power needs and budget.

RYOBI Camping Portable Power Options

The first three options are great for charging and powering small electronic devices, such as cell phones, tablets, and laptops. Any of these would be great to keep your phone and communication devices powered for traditional or off-grid camping.

The RYOBI 18V ONE+ 1800-WATT Power Station Kit is by far the strongest RYOBI portable power option and honestly is more of a back-up power source. However, some people may want to power a TV or fridge on their outdoor adventure.

RYOBI Camping Portable Speaker Options

RYOBI Camping Portable Fans

RYOBI Camping Portable Lights

Misc. RYOBI Camping Essentials

Overall, RYOBI’s camping essentials are fairly small and easy to transport. Most items definitely have a minimal design, low energy needs, and are designed for light camping.

RYOBI doesn’t lump its other equipment with its camping supplies. Many of its other products such as leaf blowers or general power drill kits also make great camping essentials.

Makita OUTDOOR ADVENTURE Camping Essentials

Makita Outdoor Adventure vs RYOBI camping essentials

Makita harnesses the power of Makita 18V Batteries to power its OUTDOOR ADVENTURE camping line. When comparing Makita and RYOBI camping essentials side-by-side one thing is clear: Makita focused on creating multifunctional products so campers and adventurers could minimize the amount of products they take with them. This includes speakers with built-in USB charging ports, LED lights with built-in radios, an electric cooler with heating capabilities, etc.

Makita OUTDOOR ADVENTURE Portable Power Options

Makita OUTDOOR ADVENTURE has one smaller 18V portable power option and it’s the Makita OUTDOOR ADVENTURE 18V LXT Power Source.

Makita may only offer one option, but what sets it apart from RYOBI is that the Makita battery has two built-in USB battery ports. It also clips to your pocket. Altogether it’s so much easier to transport than any of RYOBI’s options. To use, simply attach the Makita 18V LXT Power Source to a Makita 18V battery as you would attach any Makita power tool.

Additional Power Sources

Large Makita Power Sources

Makita does not offer a large “Makita OUTDOOR ADVENTURE” portable power solution, but there are Makita Portable Power Options and Generators. They range in price and style but generally are geared towards recharging Makita batteries.

Makita OUTDOOR ADVENTURE Portable Speakers

Makita OUTDOOR ADVENTURE Portable Fans

Makita OUTDOOR ADVENTURE Portable Lights

Misc. Makita OUTDOOR ADVENTURE Camping Essentials

If Makita went above and beyond it was with its specially designed for campers Makita OUTDOOR ADVENTURE camping amenities. These items include basic maintenance tools, coffee makers, coolers, tire inflators, etc.

Some items like the blower and wet/vac were designed to be compact and portable with camping in mind, while items like the coffee maker were designed to boost the “great outdoors” with the comforts of home.

Check out these items and let us know which you like most.

Who Wins: RYOBI vs Makita

This was a hard decision as the brands don’t perfectly compare side-by-side and there are trade-offs with each. However, after looking at each product’s versatility and utility it was clear who was the winner.

TIA Camping Essentials Winner: Makita OUTDOOR ADVENTURE

Yes, some Makita is more expensive than RYOBI, but the Makita OUTDOOR ADVENTURE line offered more exciting products and had more multiuse, which is a huge value add. Also, the lineup of equipment does give consumers a slightly more deluxe camping experience, almost turning your adventure into a, dare I say, “glamping” experience.

Still, RYOBI offers great products for weekend campers or hikers who just want to pack a few comfort items. Also, RYOBI had a lot more to offer in portable power options. However, we don’t consider the ability to power a TV an essential camping experience.

Your Favorite Camping Essentials

Do you own camping products from either of these brands? If so, tell us in the comments what you think of them and if you agree with us. Or share your favorite camping brand.


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