Ryobi RYI2200 2200-Watt Gasoline Powered Digital Inverter Generator – Be Prepared for Severe Weather


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Spring is here, the fresh smell of flowers blooming, the birds chirping and the occasional severe storm that creates total havoc and takes out your power for days or even weeks at a time.  You need to be prepared and one of the most important things is the generator.   It keeps power flowing to crucial systems like refrigerators, heaters, fans and sump pumps.  Big generators are great because they can power big things like Air conditioning, but they are loud, suck fuel and are not designed to run sensitive electronics like cell phones and computers.  The cell phone is the most important thing in a storm to let family and friends know you are OK.  The inverter basically converts the power from a 12V DC to a smooth 120 AC.

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Fits the Tough Cart Perfectly
Fits the Tough Cart Perfectly

The RYI2200 is designed to be more than just an excellent choice for home power outages.  It also impressed on the job site.   We were able to run a 15 amp worm drive saw and an AC powered drill from the unit with no issues.  The unit did a great job of running 2 strings of 10 100 W bulbs in our basement work area.  The great part here is that you no longer need 2 people to transport the generator.  It is easy to carry the 51 lb inverter thanks to 2 side top handles.  It has a built in slide out handle and Rollerblade type wheels that allow you to tote the generator around like a travel suitcase.  This was a great feature but we found the slide out handle to have a little more flex than we would have liked.  When you are not transporting the inverter it sits on 4 rubber feet that do an excellent job of keeping the unit planted while it is running.

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ryobi inverter generator

Let’s face it, starting small engines can be a pain in the rear end.  Ryobi has simplified the process to a 3 position switch, off, cold start and run.  You simply put the unit to cold start and pull.  It will fire first pull every time although it may take you a few times to get used to the way the motor runs and when to advance the switch to run.  Like most small inverters it has an auto idle or econ switch that idles down the unit when the power demand is low.  This makes the unit quiet and more fuel efficient.  In fact the 106cc engine will run for 8.75 hours @ 400W and 5 hours @ 900W on one gallon of gas which is very good.

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On the front panel are 2 fused 15 amp 120v AC outlets and a fused 12V DC outlet that you can use to charge lead acid type batteries.  A 3 light LED panel notifies you of status, overload and a low oil situation.  When you need even more power but you want to maintain a quiet environment, you can parallel 2 RYI2200 inverters together with an optional kit.  This will give you double the power for those bigger jobs.  The generator is quiet which makes it great for camping, tailgaters and just about every situation that requires power.  Ryobi rounds this unit out with a 3 year warranty.  This is really a great generator that is so easy to start that anyone can do it.  The overall design and quality is on par with inverters that cost almost twice as much.  Ryobi did a great job with this generator and one will always be in my garage. Don’t wait until a disaster happens before purchasing an Inverter. Chances are there will not be any in stock.   If you require more jobsite power also check out our DeWALT DXGN4500 Review.


  1. I keep on wanting to get a generator. but I would really want it set up with a transfer switch and everything for the house so it keeps on getting put on the back burner.

  2. This is exactly what I need out here in the boondocks.
    Great review, gonna stop at Home Depot today and check it out.
    Thanks Guys, ERIC keep buying the ammo you are right on track.

  3. i have one use weekly very quite never had an issue replaced plug after 3 yrs runs like a champ 5 yrs now no issues put synthetic oil in it to start when purchased great unit was going to buy honda but this is just as good and half the price


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