Ryobi Air Cannon Review

Ryobi Air Cannon Review

What do you use to cool yourself off, dry an area or just get some air movement?  There are so many varieties of fans and options of fans on the market, so with that said, let me add one more to your plate.  Let’s check out the Ryobi Air Cannon Review and see if this is a viable option for your needs.

Ryobi Air Cannon Review Overview

If you have been following us for a while, you know I am a huge fan of Ryobi.  I love the quality, the number of tools in their line up and especially their low prices.  So as a homeowner, it’s hard not to get into the Ryobi line up and that is one of the reasons that this Air Cannon appeals to me.

Ryobi Air Cannon Review Features

Ryobi Air Cannon Review

The P3340 is designed to be efficient and to maximize air movement.  In fact, it moves up to 2,400 CFM.

One of the best features is the hybrid design.  You can power this fan off a Ryobi 18V battery or use a cord for 120V.

Ryobi Air Cannon Review

Here is what the back looks like.  As you can see, the battery is below and the cord is at the top.  Either way, the battery or cord is out of the way.

Ryobi Air Cannon Review

Ryobi designed this with dimples on the blades to help reduce the noise of the air flowing over the blades.

Ryobi Air Cannon Review

On the bottom of the stand, there are rubber pads to help dampen the noise and also make sure the fan stays in place and doesn’t walk.

Ryobi Air Cannon Review

There is a turn knob right above the battery.  You can adjust it to three different speeds and also turn the fan off.

The head rotates 220° so you can direct airflow in a lot of directions.

Ryobi Air Cannon Review

Just turn the knob on the side and you can adjust the head of the fan.

Ryobi Air Cannon Review

On top of the fan, there is a handle that will allow you to carry it with a single hand instead of trying to grab it with two.

Ryobi Air Cannon Review Performance

The fan has three-speeds and it moves a fair amount of air.  Tilting and adjusting the fan is very easy and it’s easy to secure in any direction.  Is the fan whisper-quiet? No.  However, the noise isn’t from the motor or the fan.  It’s just the noise of moving the air which is pretty hard to get around.

For the size of the fan, it’s a great fan and one of the nicest fans of this size that we have tested over the years.

Ryobi Air Cannon Review Value

You can buy this at The Home Depot for about $155.  Normally I am a huge fan of their price but to me, this is a little high priced.  I would like to see it closer to $99 or even $115.  Sure it’s a hybrid and does a great job moving air, but I am in the Ryobi line up for the value.  Would I be a buyer at $155?  Sure because it’s nice but it’s a little harder to be at the register making the payment.

Ryobi Air Cannon Review Final Word

In the end, yes the price is high but I do like this fan.  It’s a high-quality fan, I love how I can easily direct the air movement in a variety of directions and how I can power it off a battery or cord. If you are looking for a fan and the price doesn’t bother you, I would be a buyer of this fan.


  1. If you’ve been following us for a while, then you know I’m a big Ryobi fan. I love the quality, the number of tools in their line-up and especially the low prices.


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