Ryobi 18V Hand Vacuum

Ryobi Vacuum

As you know we have becoming huge fans of Ryobi.  Over the years Ryobi has really stepped up their game.  They now have over 50 different tools for their 18V one plus system and it doesn’t look like they are stopping.

I know there isn’t much to talk about when it comes to handheld vacuums, but I will tell you this really surprised us.  I wouldn’t think this would have much suction, but it does a great job.  Get this, this vacuum only cost $25 at Home Depot.  Now if your looking for a handheld vac and have the Ryobi batteries, this is a steal.  However if you need the batteries and charger and don’t plan to invest in Ryobi tools, this may be a bit high priced.  The $25 is for the bare tool only.  You would still need to buy a charger and battery.

This vacuum uses a two system filter.  There is a washable metal filter that stops a lot of the bigger items, then it also has a fiber filter to stop smaller particles.  Another cool feature with this vacuum is the on board crevice tool.  The crevice tool is stored on the bottom of the tool and is very easy to access and attach to the vac.

Overall this is a great handheld vacuum.  The on board crevice tool is extremely handy.  This has a ton of power, more than we expected.  The filtration system does a great job keeping dirt in.  If you own any of the 18V tools, this should be one to take a look at.  At the time of this article, I saw it on amazon and Home Depot.  Amazon was a lot more expensive coming in at $49 while Home Depot was only $25.  Again I would take a look at both to see if either has had a price change.



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