Ryobi 18 Ga Cordless Crown Stapler P360

Just when you thought Ryobi couldn’t fit another tool in their already massive 18V line up, they had to jam another one through.  The Air Strike P360 is an 18 ga cordless narrow crown stapler.  No one will argue Ryobi has the best distribution channel and I don’t think anyone will argue this is a perfect fit for their 18V line up.

While the LED, balance and power of the tool are great, a tool-less way to clear a jam would have been a nice added feature.

What We Like

  • Power is great
  • LED works great
  • Fairly consistent
  • Easy to use

What We Don’t Like

  • Need tool to clear jam
  • No Case



Ryobi 18V P360 Specifications

  • Battery:18V
  • Type of Staples:18ga 1/4” Narrow Crown Magazine
  • Capacity:105 Staples
  • Staple Length:3/8″ to 1-1/2″
  • Staples per Charge:1,000
  • Fastener Collation:Glue Strip
  • Tool Weight:5.0 lbs


buyamazon1Ryobi P360 18-Volt Airstrike Crown Stapler




  1. The dial on top is an air regulator. The depth adjustment only adjusts the striker depth, which means for longer staples or harder material you’re only going to drive the staples so far into the wood. The dial adjusts how much driving force there is, which allows you to drive longer staples or drive into harder materials. Just like a regulator on an air compressor, you can adjust how much air pressure you’re getting. It’d be nice to see a better range with the dial but it does make a difference between the low and the high ends.

    The nailer is 18-gauge

    If you’re planning on more give-aways…throw that stapler in a box and ship it over here.

  2. Nice guys! Can’t wait to get the Airstrike nailer. Sounds like these might be really affordable winners for me. Keep up the awesome work!

  3. Ive been using the nailer version of this an I must say when I saw the name Ryobi I didnt have high hopes but it actually works really well. The light is a nice addition and not having that gas smell like a Paslode is also a perk. But good review guys!

  4. I got this 6 months ago to do a job putting up trim. I had to work on a ladder most of the time, so it was nice not to have deal with a hose. It worked well and never had a issue with the depth being to deep or not going in all the way. And if you already use other Ryobi items, having the batteries to switch out is a plus. I think they did well here.


  5. Ive used the heck out of my Airstrike crown stapler lately. Ive used it to put up a small fence, installed exterior/interior trim, to build raised garden beds, and a bunch of other misc projects. It has more holding power than the brad nailer and works just as good. I love the thing.


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