ROTOZIP RotoSaw Giveaway – #TIACREW


Want to win a Rotozip Rotosaw?  Of course you do, who wouldn’t?  We will be giving away one of these tools to one lucky winner.  It’s easy to enter this giveaway.  All you need to do is #TIACREW on the internet.  Yes, we are trying to take over the internet.  Seriously, it’s that easy to enter.  Anytime you comment, visit or whatever you do online, just make sure you put #TIACREW at the end of your comment.  So if you visit the Dewalt Facebook page and you are going to leave a comment, at the end of your comment, just use the #TIACREW.  We will pick a random winner on May 1, 2016.  Someone has to win, might as well be you.




  1. Awesome giveaway guys! I like that little saw attachment you got there, that could be pretty handy! Thanks as always fellas! #TIACREW

  2. I dure could use a new rotozip.. I usually use dewalt, but a friend had this one and it seemed really smooth a pretty tough for drywall. .

  3. As a contractor for the last 19 plus years I have gone through a few Rotozips. They are a great tool and I wouldn’t hang drywall without one! We use the circle cutting jig a ton for installing can lights in retro situations. Excellent tool! #TIACREW

  4. Moving away from rental places to a place I can work on. Love to bury some networking and cables into the walls around the home #TIACREW

  5. Wow another tool set i could use for my projects coming up…. #TIACREW on my facebook….. Keep up the great job… And the best giveaways anywhere


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