Rockwell RK3441 4-1/2″ Compact Circular Saw


You may remember the incredible article Dan did on the Rockwell Versa-Cut.  Well now they introduced a new saw, the Rockwell RK3441 which is a 4-1/2″ compact saw.  So what is so special about this saw?

Well first you can now cut material that is 2″ thick making it much more versatile than the Vera-Cut.  With the Versa-Cut, you would have to flip the material over to finish a 2″ cut.  Now I really only see two types of people owning this tool.  First, would be the homeowner who is into arts and crafts.  Now I could be wrong, but I think a homeowner would benefit more from having a bigger circular saw, unless money and storage is a problem.  The second person would be a pro.  Not all pro’s, but the guy who is cutting in tight spaces frequently.  Now again I could be wrong, but we all know how unlikely that is.

Using the saw it was a little weird for me, only because I am so use to a circular saw.  Once I did a couple of cuts, it was very easy to control and get use to.  Even plunge cutting was easy with this saw.  Now I haven’t looked around to see what or where blades are sold.  That is my only question or concern about this tool.  I would hate to buy it and not be able to get blades.  I am sure Rockwell will sell them, but hopefully for a reasonable price.

Rockwell RK3441 Specifications

  • 5 Amp Motor
  • 3,500 RPM
  • Cut through 2×4
  • Lightweight
  • 0-45° Bevel Cutting Capacity
  • Push Button Arbor Lock
  • 10′ Power Cord
  • Dust Port
  • 3 Year Warranty

The saw isn’t too bad.  It has a nice feel, well except if you have very small hands. The power is good and the ability to make bevel cuts is nice.  The fact that you can get into tight spaces, well that is just priceless for anyone who needs that type of tool.



  1. Dan, Eric–Looks like a good tool to have for tight areas, as you pointed out. Changing the subject for a moment, I think many small tools are more useful than their full-sized counterparts. I was recently trimming a tree in the front yard with my DeWalt 20V Max reciprocating saw, using a nine-inch pruning blade. I was 15′-16′ up on a ladder and trying to cut a limb off at a crazy angle. The weight of the tool and the fact that I had to use one hand to hold the saw and the other to hold onto the ladder was a little scary. What got me through it was the fact that I could set the blade in one of four positions (two vertical and two horizontal), which enabled me to get a better grip on the saw to make the cut. I wished that I had DeWalt’s smaller version of the saw, which also articulates; there would have been less weight to deal with. It can get into tight areas, which is handy in construction and especially for plumbers working under sinks. As long as the quality and capabilities are there, the smaller tool can often be the better (safer) tool to use.

  2. I think Milwaukee should release an M12 trim saw, i am really liking this idea of a compact circ saw. Buy great writeup Eric, Rockwell makes a good solid tool.

  3. have little craftsman saw with laser and led really liked…what.. go looking for 3 inch blade
    sears discontinued it..blades are nowhere to be found..rockwell might be my next tool.
    mini saws work great on porch board cuttings…miss the laser light though..maybe led
    be good enough for me see cutting line….rockwell really coming out with great stuff.


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