Ridgid Warranty – Is it Really the Best in the Business?

Ridgid Reciprocating Saw

As you know, buying a power tool is a big investment.  As a consumer, you have many brands to choose from.  You have to decide what is important to you.  Is it a recommendation from someone, is it your experience, is it the number of tools they offer, is it the warranty or is it something else?  Whatever the reason that you invest in a power tool brand, it’s a big investment.  You want a brand that will back their product and that is why we are talking about the Ridgid Warranty.

Ridgid is the only brand that offers a Lifetime Service Agreement.  Most other brands only offer a 3, 4 or 5-year warranty, which is still good, but it’s not a lifetime warranty.  A lifetime warranty takes it to a whole other level.

The one thing I have learned is that Ridgid is a tough brand.  I have talked with many contractors over the years who swear by the tools, they have been some of the best performers in our tools fights and they always seem to be a quiet leader.

When I have talked with contractors one of the most common themes is the reason they bought and invested in Ridgid was because of the warranty.  So let’s take a look and answer the questions, is the Ridgid Warranty really a lifetime warranty and should it be part of your decision to buy into the line?

What is Rigid’s Warranty

When you dive into the warranty, there might be some confusion as to what tool is covered or how it works.  Because Ridgid is so big and diverse and also the way the whole company is set up, they do offer different warranties:

  • Lifetime Service Agreement – The Lifetime Service Agreement applies to all eligible RIDGID Brand handheld power tools, stationary power tools, and pneumatic tools purchased from The Home Depot and authorized retailers.
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty – All Ridgid brand handheld power tools, stationary power tools, and pneumatic tools are automatically covered under a 3-year limited warranty.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty – The Ridgid product will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for the usable life of the original product warranty period.
  • Other Warranties – They have other warranties on reconditioning tools and tools bought during 2003-2004.

Today we are really covering the Lifetime Service Agreement (LSA) because that is the one that will protect our investment over the long haul.

What You Need to Know

Here is where Ridgid stands out.  They give the user the peace of mind that the tool is covered and you will not be out of pocket to buy a new tool down the road.  To me, that says a lot about the brand and their belief in the tools they make. I am not seeing that type of faith in any other power tool company out in the field.

Now to get this warranty, you do have to register your products within 90 days of purchase at this Ridgid Warranty Site.  It really only takes about 5 minutes so it’s well worth the time.

If you do not register your product, then you automatically get the 3-year limited warranty only.

What is Covered

The LSA will cover all defects and many wear and tear parts if properly maintained.  So here is where the warranty stands out.  Yes, it will cover some wear and tear components if properly maintained.  Heck, you don’t even get that with your expensive automotive warranty.

Wear and tear parts are just that, they wear out and break down meaning they need to be replaced.  Here is a company that is willing to take care of their customers.

What is not Covered

The LSA will not cover damage due to improper use or if you are trying to fix it yourself.  But why would you fix it yourself if you have the LSA?  So really just as long as you are using the tool the way it was intended to be used, the tool is covered for your life.

It seems to be a great value and best of all, they don’t charge you anything on top of your original purchase.

Additional Information

Just remember you have to register the tool within 90 days of purchase otherwise you can’t get the LSA.  So take the time and register the products.  Then you have the peace of mind that your tools are covered and that won’t be an unforeseen cost down the road if a tool breaks. You can learn more at the Ridgid warranty site.

The Verdict

So is the Ridgid warranty really the best in the industry and worth consideration when buying a Ridgid product or is it just a marketing tactic?

Here are three things to consider.

  1. Once I buy the tool, I only have to spend about 5 minutes registering the product and I don’t have to pay any extra money for the time extension coverage.
  2. Not only does it cover craftsmanship, but it covers wear and tear.
  3. I have the peace of mind knowing that if a tool breaks, I am not having to pay out of pocket for more tools and therefore lowering my profits in my business.

So with that said, yes I believe Ridgid has the best warranty and it’s not just a marketing tactic on the side of a box.  I am not seeing any other companies come close to what Ridgid offers.  There isn’t a fine print where I have to read hundreds of boring pages written by lawyers.

Just buy the tool, register the tool and use it the way it was intended for and I know Ridgid has my back.  Too bad other companies didn’t believe this much in their products.


  1. The problem I have found with this is that when your tool breaks it either labeled as normal ware and tare, or abuse. I have had no luck getting Ridgid to honor their warranty on the 4 or 5 tools that I’ve worn out. True they were generally very tough before they wore out. The warranty is in my opinion just a marketing tool in that aspect. They are great tools. The warranty is not useful at all though.

    Also the kit batteries are not covered by warranty at all. If you buy new ones separately they theoretically are. Maybe.

    • That stinks it hasn’t worked for you and that was the reason, I have heard from others they had the same response. I have had others say they didn’t have a problem with the warranty. Now Ridgid will cover their batteries, I think that started this month.

      • Well like I said the tools are very good. I’m glad someone had luck with the warranty. I just wanted to give a heads up on my experiences. My last reciprocal saw (sawsall) lasted 9 years of hard but not daily use. I even like to put a 12” bowsaw blade and use it like a medium duty chainsaw for limbs and things. Even though they didn’t replace it I just bought a new one (brushless now) to replace it that fits my 9ah batteries I have for it. $150 for a saw that lasts a decade is still a great value. I’d also like to add that I feel this saw was wearing out but the ultimate demise was my fault. The new 9ah batteries are bigger than they designed this thing for. That means that if you’re using it hard (I certainly was) you have to stop periodically and let it cool. I tried to have that as my plan but then I was holding a smoking, almost melted tool thinking what was that plan again? So if you buy the super batteries they make now, rest the saw for maybe 5 minutes every 10 or something if your putting stress like going through 10” solid oak with a giant blade. This wood kills chainsaws so it’s reasonable that a cordless saw would have issues. Use more sense than I did and you’ll be fine.

  2. Rigid contacted me after 3 years and claimed that I had not provided serial numbers for the 3 drill, saw, 2 battery and charger kits I purchased and voided warranty. Even though it is not possible to complete the form without providing a serial number. I trashed two Saws because they would not repair them and I have spent over $300.00 replacing batteries.

    • I’m not advocating for rigid but anybody can switch tools. If you have the broken tools supply the serial number.. then see what they say, just curious…

  3. Ridgid promotes a lifetime warranty, but when I submitted my registration information I received no acknowledgement. It appears to be more of a marketing tool than an easily navigated warranty that you can count on, so cross your fingers that your Ridgid power tool use is light enough to not wear them out and never need the supposed warranty.

  4. Look people ridgid is the best power tools on the planet period you all keep buying those cheep other brands and I’ll keep getting your job because I’m not waiting on my broke tool or I’ve got to go buy another the just of it is ridgid just keeps working and people I don’t cut my tools any slack I give them flat out torture so as long as they keep building them I’m buying them I’ve tried Hilti desalt makita always some bs if a tool breaks I call ridgid a new tool is on the way before I get half way through explaining what’s happening and look people since their release I haven’t had to use the warrantee but twice in 20 years but in 20 years I’ve never dropped an extension cord or fired up a generator sometimes I’m finished with a job before other contractors have ran cords you guys keep building the best and people will eventually find out my secret I shouldn’t be telling people but I feel it a duty because I don’t believe no one you got to prove it to me thanks guys and GOD bless

  5. I bought the hammer drill and of course it failed working. Home Depot told me it has a lifetime warranty so I brought it to them to send out, they charged me 30 dollars to send it to Ridgid and said it will take 4 months to determine if they will even fix it. Im very unhappy with Ridgid tools still waiting to hear back from them.

  6. I bought the table saw after Christmas. The online registration isn’t available. It keeps booting me out constantly, and saying loading error. Please tell me this tool registration is not a scam, they also won’t recognize the serial number. Please fix your online registration webpage

  7. I have used Ridgid tools for years and until recently I never had problems getting replacements until you had to start sending them back to Ridgid. Just away to screw you out of your tools. Excuse’s from we haven’t received your tool we need the tracking number months after you give them the information. Are you didn’t register your tools correctly are your incorrect use of the tool. You give them the repair number like mine 3953526 tracking number and where it said it was received at their address. Then you email them again and they want the same information. Just a game for this company now to not warranty their product. Husky at Home Depot will replace your stuff on the spot so go with the people who back their products Ridgid is not one of them.

  8. Richard Greenhead life time warranty how does registered the product make a difference on how long the tool works for ? I got three saws alls from Canadian Tire in three months all under warranty and I didnt have to register there product , plus Hilti stood behind there product and replace there hammer drill
    good customer service

  9. I bought ridged tools under the impression that they could be repaired locally. After they were purchased the local repair shops for warranty were going out of business. Found out now I have to send them about sixty miles away. After they got my saws all they said it would take about nine months to repair it they could of just said two years.

  10. I’ll never buy another rigid tool. Thought the warranty was the best until I tried to get a new battery. 3 emails later and an automated chat still have no info on how to claim. Going out to buy another brand who doesn’t claim lifetime warranty that you need to jump thru hoops to get.


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