Ridgid 10″ Variable Speed Commercial Tile Saw review – The Beast R4090


I am a huge fan of saws.  Anything that makes my life easier is always a plus.  However I can’t say I use tile saws everyday, but when I need one, I want one that works and is quality.  For a long time I have been using the Ridgid  R4020.  The saw has been great for what it can do.  The R4020 while it’s very nice, does have its limitations such as no bevel cuts, cutting capacity and more.  For a while I was just using the R4020 for some small bathroom jobs or small projects.  However when some bigger jobs headed my way, I needed something with a little bit bigger bang.  Something that would allow me to work more efficiently, make quicker cuts and was more accurate.  That’s when I discovered the Beast.  The Beast is the top of the line tile saw by Ridgid.  As you can see by the name above, this is a commercial grade, variable speed that is built for work.  So what is there to like about this saw?  A lot, let’s take a look.

The saw has a multi-position cutting head that lets you dial down the exact cut.  One thing to note was ours was very hard to move left and right.  It would be nice if it was easier to lock in position.  Once you find where the head is supposed to lock, then it’s a piece of cake.  The saw has a 10″ blade powered by a variable speed 15 amp motor, making any cut easy.  The dual stage rolling slide table is a nice feature and works well.  Even when the saw was extremely dirty, the tables moved without any problems.  One thing I really like about this saw is the bevel cut capability.  This is one thing that is lacking on the R4020.  A user can adjust the saw to make a beveled cut very easily and the cut is precise.  The work table is made from a rubber coated die cast aluminum material which provides durability, but doesn’t weigh the saw down during transportation.  As with any saw, an accurate fence is very important.  One that is easy to adjust and make fine adjustments.  The Ridgid fence is definitely one of the nicest fences I have seen on a commercial grade saw.

Okay let’s talk water.  For water flow, this saw has all the bells and whistles and makes this a great saw.  Having water is important, but having clean water is key.  First, Ridgid has a never dry automatic water fill system.  This means you don’t have to worry about running out of water and burning out your pump.  The system uses a fill valve, so when the water is low, it calls for more water.  Kind of like the float system on your toilet.  As noted water is key, but fresh water is a must.  Ridgid has a fresh water connection which keeps clean water on the cutting wheel, in case you don’t want to use the pump.  One item that is cool is the cleaning nozzle.  Basically there is a small hose attached to the side.  Just turn the valve and you have a small stream of water to clean your work, your table or the trays.

Okay here are the three best parts of this saw in terms of water management.  First is the deep well water tank.  The tank is very large.  I am not sure how much water it holds, but the supply is very sufficient.  The tank is easy to remove and clean when needed.  This means a longer run time for your pump and longer run times between refills.  Second is the removable rear and side water trays.  These are very large and keeps most of the mess inside the trays.  Usually when you are working with larger tiles the water tends to drip over the sides.  With the larger trays, you can work with larger materials and not have to worry about water dripping everywhere.  The last item, which is one of the best, is the tank less tray technology.  As you know these pumps don’t have a long life and who has time to keep monitoring the pumps if they are getting clogged.  Basically with these large trays there is almost a filter system to help keep the water free of debris.  The water is channeled down the table trays and the heavier objects are caught through the sediment separation system which filters the water.  There are two main ones on the run down.  On the bottom tray when the water is getting ready to enter back into the tank, there is another key one that further separates the heavier objects.  One other note in the water management system is the ability to provide water to your blade.  There is a knob on the side of the arm and a user can select to have the water off, on all the time or on only when the trigger is pulled to start the blade.

Another cool feature is the stand.  While the stand could be a little more sturdy, it does fold up very nicely.  I just wish there was a place to store the trays.  Not a huge deal because I am not aware of any commercial tile saw where you can easily store the trays.  The laser is a great feature and glad Ridgid decided to include one.  While outside, it can be hard to see, inside it can be seen very easily.

Overall this is a very nice saw.  Easy to use and makes great cuts.  The water and waste stay put in the trays and the side tray comes in very handy.  The tray feature catches most of the debris that would cause a pump to get ruined, so I can image the pump will have a longer life.  The overall design of this saw is great.  While the table could be a little more sturdy and the head a little easier to move, the rest of the saw system is great.  If you are looking to own a great tile saw, the Ridgid is a great choice.



Input: 120 V AC, 15 Amps
No Load Speed: 2,400 to 4,500 r/min (RPM)
Cutting Wheel Diameter: 10 in.
Rip Capacity: 34 in.
Diagonal Capacity: 24 in.
Backsplash Capacity: 11-3/ in.
Max Depth of Cut: 3-3/4 in.
Weight: 92 lbs.


Saw Includes

  • R4090 Tile saw
  • WSUV
  • Hex wrenches
  • 10” diamond cutting wheel
  • Cutting wheel wrench
  • Miter guide
  • Table extension
  • Submersible pump
  • Check value
  • Water trays
  • Water tank
  • Cleaning nozzle
  • Ready rack
  • Operator’s manual




  1. Looks awesome man, congrats! I’ve got the R4020 and it’s awesome for small jobs and DIY stuff, but limited as you say. I posted about it on the forum awhile back.

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