Ridgid Miter Saw – 10” Sliding Dual Bevel Saw with Dual Laser Guide


For me, Ridgid is just one of the quiet companies.  They don’t brag, they aren’t showoffs and they don’t hype their stuff up.  They are just one of those companies that say, here we are, you know what to expect from us and here is our best price.  We had a drill fight and radio fight that Ridgid participated in and both times, they impressed us.  So what does all this mean?  Simple, we just have trusted Ridgid as a company over the years and that’s why when we had a chance to take a look at the Ridgid 10″ Miter saw, we jumped at the chance.  So today we are going over the Ridgid Miter Saw, model MS255SR.

Ridgid Miter Saw Overview

Ridgid Miter SawRidgid designed this saw around a 15 amp motor that spins the 10″ blade at 3,600 rpms.  So all in all, it has some power to it.  When you first start up the saw using the D-Handle design, you will notice it has a soft start.  Who doesn’t like a good soft start?  A couple of things to note about this saw.  First, is the LED and laser light.  Both of these features can be controlled on the top of the saw with a push button.  The LED light does a fairly decent job, but one thing you notice is the Laser light.  Most of us are familiar with the single line light, but the Ridgid uses a dual line.  So the blade actually cuts in between the line.  This is helpful depending upon where your line is located and where you are cutting.

Another feature to note about this saw is where the controls are located.  With miter saws, the miter cut adjustment is located at the front of the saw.  However with the bevel cut adjustments, you always have to reach around the saw to make this adjust.  With the Ridgid, both the miter and bevel cuts are adjusted from the front of the saw, a pretty cool feature for those who don’t like the reach around.

In regards to the other features, you can pretty much expect the same features on this saw as you would on other saws such as trench cutting, miter detent, miter bypass and more.

Ridgid Miter Saw Specifications

  • Motor 120 V AC, 15 Amp
  • No Load Speed 3,600 r/min. (RPM)
  • Blade Arbor 5/8″
  • Blade Diameter 10″
  • Weight 59 lbs

Cutting Capacities

    • 0°/Bevel 0° (nominal) 2″ x 12″ or 4″ x 4″
    • 45°/Bevel 0° (nominal) 2″ x 8″ or 4″ x 4″
    • 0°/right Bevel 45° (nominal) 2″ x 12″
    • 0°/left Bevel 45° (nominal) 2″ x 12″
    • Crown Molding 45° Left & Right 6″

Ridgid Miter Saw Thoughts

Ridgid Miter SawOverall we like this saw.  The saw is easy to use and powerful.  Having the controls on the front of the saw is a great idea, so the user doesn’t have to do a reach around and adjust the bevel cut.  One thing I noticed that I really like is the power under load.  When we cut a 4×6, the saw kept on cutting without bogging down.  It just seemed like it powered through the cut.  As far as the laser, I think most people will like this option.  I know we are all use to having a single line, but the double line can make certain cutting situations much more convenient.  I can’t really complain about this as overall it seems tough.  I know some people complain about the carrying handles, but for me, I like this set up.  It’s much easier on my back and much easier to carry from place to place.  If I did have one complaint, I think it would be nice if they included the extension arms.  While I don’t use them much, I do know some people love them and always have them on the saw. Another item I like about the saw is that it comes with a quality blade, a Diablo blade.  So no need to open the saw and change out a blade right away like we always do.

All in all I think you get a lot of saw for the money.  Considering it’s only $349 at the Home Depot, it’s a pretty good bargain.




  1. This is an awesome saw, they have a 12″ model out there now too I am pretty excited about, good bang for your buck with the Ridgid stuff #TIACREW

  2. Huge fan of this saw, they just released a 12″ and a cordless sliding miter, ridgid is stepping their miter game up #tiacrew


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