RIDGID Miter Saw – 10 in. Sliding Compound Miter Saw – MS255SR

ridgid miter saw

Have you ever pulled up to a car at a red light and you just know you can take it off the line?  The light turns green and that car next to you leaves you in the dust.  Basically you were taken by a sleeper car.  Well that is how I picture Ridgid.  I really don’t hear much about them, but almost every time we have put them up against other tools, Ridgid is one of the top performers.  Now for this, we didn’t go head to head against other miter saws, but I can tell you the Ridgid miter is one of the top 10″ saws we have tested over the years.  With a price tag of $349, it’s a hard one to argue against.

Ridgid Miter Saw Overview

ridgid miter sawRidgid designed this miter saw with a 15 amp motor that spins the 10″ blade at 3,600 rpm’s.  So basically powerful and quick enough to cut almost any type of wood.  One item that really surprised me was the blade.  I am so use to opening a miter saw and just tossing the factory blade in the garbage, so I can put on a quality blade.  However with this saw, don’t worry if a garbage isn’t around since this comes with a high quality Diablo blade.  While some 10″ saws are a single bevel saw, the Ridgid miter saw is a dual bevel saw which makes it a snap to cut any angle.  As you can see by the pictures, this is a sliding miter saw that travels down two stainless rails.

When we first started making cuts with the saw, one thing we really noticed is the saw doesn’t seem to bog down or slow down.  After doing a little research we figured out it has a constant speed control which will prevent it from bogging down during high intensity cuts.  In regards to adjusting the miter and bevel, everything is done right in the front of the tool.  No reaching around to make adjustments.  I have to say that is a cool set up where you can pretty much control everything from the front of the saw.  On the top of the “D” Handle, you can notice two buttons. One is for a pretty bright LED light and the other is for the laser.

I am not going to get into all the options this saw has because it has pretty much the same features as other miter saws such as trench cutting and more.  The two things that really impressed us was how well the saw cut and how it really didn’t bog down even under tougher cutting applications.  The second is the ease of use.  Once you get use to changing the miter and the bevel from the front, it was always easy to make quick and precise changes.

I know we are suppose to find negatives with any review, but this is pretty hard to find anything we didn’t like.  The saw does exactly as advertised so really how can we complain about it?  If you are a homeowner or contractor looking for a great 10″ compound miter saw, this is a great buy.  With a price tag of $349, it’s a hard saw to beat.





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