Ridgid Hand Planer

Ridgid Hand Planer

When it comes to professional power tools, I think Ridgid is one of the most underrated power tool manufacturers.  We have done a lot of tool fights over the years and each time Ridgid has been one of the top performers, if not the top performer.  Ridgid tools are of high quality, offer great features, and reasonably priced.  Today we are going to talk about the Ridgid Hand Planer and see if this fits the qualities we just spoke about.

Ridgid Hand Planer Information

Ridgid Hand Planer Features

The R8481B hand planer is a 3-1/4″ planer which features a brushless motor.

Ridgid Hand Planer

The planer is powered by a Ridgid 18V battery.  When you pair the battery with a Ridgid Octane battery, the planer will deliver 2.5 times the power in high demand applications such as working with oak and other hardwoods.

The planer features the industry’s only adjustable chamfer depth.  The depth adjustment know can easily be turned with 20 locking positions.

Ridgid Hand Planer

The rubber over-mold grip features the Ridgid Hex grip which is comfortable and allows for a better grip.

Ridgid Hand Planer

The planer features a dual-chip exhaust so the user can pick which side they want the chips extracted.

Ridgid Hand Planer

The included bag will catch all the debris and the zipper pouch is easy to open and empty the contents.

The tool has double-sided blades that are easy to change.

Ridgid Hand Planer

The belt is covered by a hard plastic case.  If you need to change the belt, it’s just a couple of screws to make the quick change.

Ridgid Hand Planer

The planer also comes with an edge guide.

Ridgid Hand Planer Impressions

We messed around with the planner on a wide variety of materials and used it one pine and walnut.  While the quality stands out, we loved how it was just as easy to work with pine as it was for the Walnut.  The planer is powerful enough but easy enough to control.

Ridgid Hand Planer

The bag did a good job of collecting the shavings and not leaving them scattered all around.

Ridgid Hand Planer Wrap Up

It’s hard to find something I don’t like about this planer.  I love the power and how easy it is to control no matter what type of wood we used it on.  With a lifetime warranty from Ridgid, it’s hard to go wrong with this purchase.

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