Ridgid GEN5X 18-Volt Hybrid Fan – R860720B


Yes, it’s the year of the fans.  It’s summer time, so what better way to celebrate 100° days than with another fan review.  We have already shown you the Ryobi, Arctic Cove and Milwaukee, now it’s time for the Ridgid 18V fan.

By numbers, the Ridgid fan seems to have the best performance between the Ryobi and Milwaukee.  First, it puts out 475 CFM and can run up to 30 hours on one 18V 4.0 Ah battery, I am pretty sure that is on low.  As with the other fans we have tried, this is very versatile.  The head will rotate up to 240 degrees, so you can pretty much aim it at anything.  According to Ridgid, it has 10 hanging options, which I can’t find ten.  I do see where you can hang it on a screw, put it on a pole such as EMT, mount it on a tripod and also use the hidden brackets to hang on a 2×4.  The best part of this fan is you don’t have to own the Ridgid system to enjoy this fan.  While it does run off an 18V battery, you can also use an extension cord to power this fan.

The fan seems durable and can move a lot of air, which are two big pluses.  A couple of things I would like to see changed are the on and off switch.  I tend to use fans in high speed.  With the Ridgid, as soon as you turn the fan on, it’s on high.  I tend to accidentally turn the fan off a lot.  Not a huge deal, but just a point.  The other item is how the battery slides into the fan.  Right now the battery sits upside down, so it’s not always easy to read the battery fuel gauge to see how much power is left.  Again, not a huge deal.

Bottom line is I like this fan.  I will have a much better idea once we put the three fans against each other to really see which moves more air, has better options, longer run time and is quieter.


  1. Like Justin I don’t own any Ridgid batteries & I like this fan better than the Ryobi & Milwaukee. These are cooler than my box fans & from the video a lot quieter. I will have to preview it at HD, because the video didn’t show in a good light. I own several Ridgid vacs & some plumbing tools & I trust this brand to kick out good stuff (sub pumps not so much). Laters TIA

  2. I saw your video and bought 2 of these fans. They work extremely well.
    Run-time is about 7 hours on my 1.5 amp batteries and about 15 on the 4.0’s.

    They are super quiet and move a LOT of air. I find them perfect for blowing air over fresh paint to speed up the drying process.
    I used them to dry out a pantry water leak that got the ceiling / insulation / wall wet, the compactness and adjustable design let me set it on the top shelf and blow air into the attic and dry out the insulation and ac ducts – piece of cake.

    I hook one to my patio gazebo to give a cool breeze when I take a beer break on my weekend chore extravaganzas. The cordless fan takes portability to a whole new level.

    Ridgid also has a 18v Jobsite Blower being released soon that I want to get for blowing leaves from my pool deck. They are really getting some sweet cordless stuff!

  3. I bought this fan in June 2017 after reading about the features and run time. I brought the fan with me to work and placed the ridgid fan in a shopping cart and had the ridgid fan next to the cardboard baler at work. While I threw cardboard into the baler the ridgid fan ran with a nice breeze and it help keep me cooler while I’m working even on a medium breeze the fan is great. The fan is great if you’re standing in one place for awhile.

    I like the fact it’s cordless, I bought the battery and charger as well, (there’s no outlets close by so the battery is great to have. Also the fact the battery is rechargeable means in the long run I’ll save money on d batteries.) Also the rapid charger is great the battery is charged up in an hour, the charger lived up to the promise of quick charge. It’s a great fan to have.


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