Ridgid 18V Cordless Jobsite AM/FM Radios


RIDGID is sort of an underestimated tool manufacturer.  A lot of people think that they are just the Home Depot brand.  That couldn’t be further from the truth.  RIDGID makes PRO tools that you have never even heard of like the 238-P powered soil pipe cutter.  The what? Exactly!   Whenever you see a skyscraper or large project happening, RIDGID is there.  All job sites need a radio, it helps keep morale up.  We are fans of the RIDGID X4 line and think the tools are a good buy.  RIDGID now has 2 radio offerings for the18V line the ZRR84082 Cordless Job Site Radio and the ZRR84084 18V Cordless Mini Job Site Radio.  Let’s talk about some of the features.

ZRR84082 Cordless Jobsite Radio –

Two things that stand out with this radio are iPod integration and that it is tough!  First let’s talk about the rugged enclosed design.  There is basically a bumper protecting the entire radio from drops and damage.  There are videos of this radio being dropped from water towers and run over with trucks.  We actually drove over this radio with my F150 and it survived.  There is no question that this will survive on a job site.  The center LCD screen pops forward to reveal an adjustable padded compartment to hold your iPhone or smart phone.  This is a very elaborate setup and there is plenty of padding and rubber seals to keep your device safe from pretty much anything including moisture.

The radio can be powered by a RIDGID 18V battery or AC power.  It however does not charge a battery.  It does however charge an iPhone 4s and lower through the standard 30 pin connector. Other devices including iPhone 5’s and droids can play music through the standard headphone jack but will not have any control or charging features.  On the side of the unit is a remote control that controls all aspects of the unit.  This works really great when you have an iPhone connected to the 30 pin for going through songs.  Buttons are easy to access.  Even with gloves on you are able to access all the functions including the iPod controls.  The four speaker system produces a good solid sound with minimal static and deep bass.  All around this is a great radio to have even if you don’t have any RIGID X4 batteries.

 ZRR84084 X4 18V Cordless Mini Jobsite Radio –

For its size the ZRR84084 really puts out some quality sound.  It is easy to operate with 2 dials and a switch.  The compact size means that you can take it anywhere.  On the back is an AUX input jack and a recessed area for your phone.  This area is a bit small and you will need to take it out of your tough case to get it to fit here.  Luckily the cord was long enough to allow the phone to lean up against the radio.  The unit is powered by a RIDGID18V battery only, which is not included.

The radio has 3 modes: AM, FM and AUX mode.  The stations are easy to read thanks to a big orange back lit LCD screen.  It has a grab handle on the side to easily carry the unit anywhere.  Both of these RIDGID radios had some of the best job site radio reception we have ever tested.  They acquired a strong static free signal. For just one speaker it really produced a good deep sound. If you already have the RIDGID 18V batteries this is a great little radio to have.  Both radios are covered by a 3 year warranty.




  1. Your right they make realy good tools and for the price you pay they are hard to beat maby kobalt but i dont know they are not avalable in Canada i love the jobmax only fesstool makes those kind of versatile tool that a know . In ridgid you can see the quality of a Milwaukee tool for for less $ but they are a lot heavyer

  2. Hey Dan. I was just checking to see if you got my email about a week ago, I just didn’t know because of the problems that you had with the website, if you could just let me know if you did or not that would be great.


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