PRESSURE WASHER POWERWASHER® PW2420 Sams Club Special – Review


Update 10-12-2011 – We have been seeing and hearing a lot of problems with this pressure washer.  People have told us they can’t get it to start, oil leaks, gas leaks, doesn’t stay running and more.  Our machine no longer runs.  Currently we suggest not buying this unit.  


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Well this is starting to sound like a broken record, but as you know our timing on our articles are incredible.  Here we are, just about to enter fall and put our pressure washers away for the year and guess what?  Tools in Action is doing a pressure washer review.  Well at least we can say we put two reviews out this summer.  We did the Mi-T-M and the Dewalt 4200 PSI model DPW4240.  Actually there is still plenty of time to use your pressure washer to do your deck, your gutters, your boat or what ever your imagination can think of.  I would like to thank Dan as we have four pressure washers, no make that five pressure washers and he lets me keep the Pressure Washer PW2420 Sams club special.  While he gets the three Dewalt’s and the Mi-T-M.

Actually I like this pressure washer.  I don’t use mine that much, maybe three times a year.  Actually this year is the most I ever used a pressure washer and that was only to do things around the house so I could test it.  I did have to remind my wife that she shouldn’t get use to me working around the house like this and this was a fluke.  The PW2420 is a no name pressure washer that is sold at Sams Club its actually called the Pressure Washer PW2420.  Since it is only sold at Sams Club, I am assuming its a made for them, not even sure who makes the engine.  It doesn’t have too much power where I ruin things around the house, but it does have good pressure to get things clean.  The pressure rating is 2400 PSI @ 2 GPM.

Overall this is not a bad little pressure washer.  Just pull the cord and your ready to go.  Well all most.  The motor is powered by a 140cc, four stroke overhead valve engine.  There is no choke, so it should be a pull and go.  I did find if you do not hold down the trigger on the gun, its hard to start.  When you hold down the trigger to release water as you pull, the engine starts up every time.  A couple nice features are the extra large opening where you pour gas into the engine, well into the gas tank.  This way even Dan won’t spill any.  The dipstick, no not Dan, to check the oil is nice because it has easy to read low and high spots for where the oil level is.  The engine powers an FNA Axial cam pump.  The pump is constructed out of Magnesium and Aluminum that house three stainless steel pistons.

The motor sits on a heavy gauge steel deck.   The powder coated tubing is 1 1/4″, so with the finish and size of pipe, it should last a long time.  Two things I really like about the machine are the wheels which are 9″.  I like this because it makes it easy to wheel around.  The overall weight to this washer is 64 lbs, so while its light in pressure washer standards, its still 64 lbs.  The wheels make it great because one little rock or the hose doesn’t stop you.  You can wheel right over them and keep going.  The other item is the nozzle.  The hose is 25′ which isn’t bad, but that would be the shortest hose I would ever go with.  I would have been happier with a 35′ or longer, but hey what can I say.  The nozzle is nice because its adjustable by just turning it left or right.  No tips to loose or change.  I know some people don’t like this, but when your like me and you loose your car keys everyday, I need all the help I can get.

If your a pro, you might want to take a pass and go with something that has a little more power like the Dewalt 4200 PSI model DPW4240.  For being a no name brand machine, it has a lot to it.  Considering it has a no name engine, only time will really tell how this holds up, but for the hours I have on it, I am happy.  I would look around and see what else is available in the price range only because this isn’t tested over the long run.



  1. My power washer will not start. I brought it early last year, didn’t use it because of all the rain we got here in Cleveland,OH. I decided to use it today to clean my deck and it will not start. I followed all of the instruction to the letter and it will not kick on.

  2. my power washer will not start. i had it for a year. followed all of the instructions and cant make it to start. this is a piece of machine shouldnt be sold out there.

  3. i purcashed my 140cc ovc model pw2420 p/n65012 s/n pw2420-38187 last summer and this year i did all of the start up procedure and it takes a long time for it to start.and when it starts it runs for 1 min. and cu5s off and after that it doesnt start at all.i call sams and they say its out of their hands; their warrranty is done;so now iam stuck with puttting a new pressure washer in the shop.i will never make a large purchase from sams club again.they shouldnt sell things they dont back up.if i would have brought this powerwasher from walmart they would take it back or store credict and they are part of sams club.just dont make no sense that they have bull crap on the shelf

  4. Purchased from Sam’s and it never started and they would not take back even after contacting the cooporate office. Also contacted manafacture and it took over six months to get a response to my problem and was told that unit was out of warranty. I worked on getting this problem resolved for nearly a year without any satisification from either the retailer or manafacturer. Poor customer service for a product that seems to have starting issues as I am not the only one. I will not be making any more purchases of this type from Sam’s. I will buy from Home Depot or Lowe’s from now on as anytime that I have an issue with a product they are more than happy to make sure that the customer is satisified and they stand behind their products.

  5. My pw2420 p. W. Have the same problem, after trying everything it star, but now is leaking, oil and gas, what I can do or were to take this to fix it, because some places want to charge to much money for fix it, plz help me to find a solution, I like the machine last year work very well for me, thx

  6. Were I can take this pw2420 power washer, to fix it, my local place want to much money, the p.w. Have the same problem, after trying everyting fimally it star, but now is leaking, oil and gas, I am afraid to try it again, so plz if somebody know a place were to fix this in nj(07003) thx

  7. My power washer worked great until the sparkplug cable broke, I’ve been trying to find a replacement part but I couldn’t find it.
    Please advise where I can get another one, Sam club does not sale parts.
    This is are the numbers on the cable 8mm Double Silicon Ultimate

    Thank you

  8. I bought a pw 2420 powerwasher used 3 times now the carburator leaks gas. From the comments above the likelyhood of mee getting it fixed is slim and none. Thanks Sams Club; for taking care of your customers. It appears that you don’t care about customer satisfaction.

    • I have the issue. Bought the washer about 3 yrs ago from a box store called Bi Mart, I used it about 3 or 4 times & it worked fine until last year when I went to start it, gas just poured out of the carb. Pulled carburetor and cleaned and checked it over but no luck, but still leaked. Looking into a new carb for it, but overall this unit is a piece of Chinese junk!

  9. same thing won’t start one year old sams 2400 after 90 days they said google warranty info.didnt use that much.P.O.S.paid $350

  10. can somebody please let me know where to fix my power wash, the local shop want to much for fixing it, I’m really upset,because no one wants to take responsibility, Sam club is a good Mark place,but this time they are having bad reputation, so if there is a place where to fix this machine let me know thanks for reading this post.

  11. I have a Power Washer Original Clean Machine model# 2420. The spark plug cable has broken and I can’t get a replacement at Sam’s club or anywhere else for that matter. Can you help me.

  12. I have the same problem, I can not get it to start.. We followed the proper instructions and still no fire in the engine. Any suggestions beside (junk it) Tom

  13. With the 140cc ovc model pw2420 p/n65012 s/n pw2420-67634 Power Washer.
    Has anyone got theirs fixed or is it trash? Same thing, Sam’s Club, used it once and will not start.
    Please let me know what I should do with this item.

  14. PW2420- Had 2 years. Finally got it started this year.Ran for 10 minutes then died.Was not getting fuel then started leaking from carb throat, Removed carb found that when carb was built the main jet was stripped and the needle and float bad. Unable to find parts. Now stuck with piece of junk. Should have stuck with brand name. Bought at Sams.

  15. my neighbor bought this pile of junk from sams club last year.. used it twice and put it away.. she took it out this year to use it and wouldnt start. she brought it over for me to take a look at. in all my years of wrenching i have never seen a new motor is such poor shape and design. had to rebuild the carb and finally got it running, only to learn the pump has a crack in it. Able to find parts? LOL! NOPE! Pile of junk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. My pressure washer still running but the Low pressure inlet broke, in order to fix it I need to purchase a new pump $130. Too much for what I paid for the machine, anyways I was wondering if anyone that has the machine broken will like to sell me for parts. Of course the pump needs to be working. Please advise..

  17. I’m having the same problem. I purchased the unit when I bought my house (3 years ago) from Sam’s Club. I used it two times (to clean my pool deck). It will start but I’m not getting any pressure out of the hose. The pressure is equivalent to using the hose by itself. Oh what to do..

  18. I brought one 3 years ago. it has broken every year and there’s no place to get it fixed. the other times I fixed it my self. what a piece of junk. all I do id pressure wash the deck every year. didn’t get my moneys worth out of it.

  19. I use my pw last year, thiss year it started then stop. It has a 2yr warranty, I have to travel to another state too have it fix.

  20. I have one also a pos on the plus side runs like a champ but leaks oil between pump and motor if anybody want’s it for parts they are more than welcome to it live in alabama

  21. clean machine purchased 2 yrs ago from sams club-it started up then does intermittent cycling than shuts off ? how do you trouble shoot it ?? what do you do first..??

  22. Purchased this pump several years ago and it cranked year after year with no problems. Pressure was sufficient for my purposes (cleaning deck/porch, cars, boats, etc) This year I cranked it, again without a hitch but to my dismay, all of a sudden the engine cut off like it was out of gas. Unfortunately the motor had seized up despite have sufficient oil in the reservoir. Never had a small engine do this. After pricing a new machine I decided to order a new motor which cost me $90 with free shipping. Turns out it was an identical engine to the one on the machine so fit and function were identical. That was infinitely cheaper than a new machine and I went with it so I am back in business. All I can say is that I do not use it often but it comes in handy when I do need if. But I bet there wasn’t 20 hours run time on this machine therefore I cannot recommend it as a quality machine for the long run. I’ve had old lawnmowers that lasted years without ever seizing up and a lot more run time hours on them.

  23. First off do not use pump gas. The alcohol will eat the carb. Use rec gas. Mine has an oil leak at the base of the cylinder. replaced the gasket. started to leak again. this is a Simpson unit. got parts online. what is causing it to blow the gasket out?

  24. As stated before by Jim Randall, do NOT use regular gas in this (or any other small engine like this) use ETHANOL FREE GAS ONLY! I’ve had this pressure washer for 6 years and starts right up every time, even after sitting in my storage building for months at a time. I have only changed the spark plugs once and just did the oil change. When you are starting it, turn on the water from the hose to the washer, prime the pump by holding the trigger on the wand until you have consistent water flow, then keep holding the wand and pull the trigger to release the back pressure as you pull the starter ( I usually push the fuel priming bulb about 10 times first!).

    Mine starts every time and runs great. Let it warm up a few seconds before pulling the trigger to build up pressure in the pump.

  25. In the Northeast, you cannot get ethanol free gas. using Stabil should be sufficient. Mine had only 20 hours or less when it would blow all the oil out through the carb or side of the engine. Usually indicates a clogged breather. No breather evident except for a hose from the block to the carburetor. It is a Ducar 140cc 4 stroke overhead valve engine. I agree it is useless and give me a briggs and stratton flathead any time! Lets get back to buying American.


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