Pramac S 2800 Portable Generator – Reliable Power


When I first saw the Pramac S 2800 I was a bit perplexed by its simplicity.  It is basically just an engine, an alternator and a handle.  That simplicity is what gives it the ultimate portability.  The unit weighs in at 71 lbs which makes it easy for one person to move about. This Pramac unit is built in Kearny, Nebraska.  Pramac makes all sorts of power generation equipment and are an OEM manufacturer for some big name reliable brands.

The S 2800 is powered by a Subaru 5.7hp SP160.  The engine has pro features like a low oil alert, low shut off and cast iron sleeve which are found in Honda GX engines.  This was my first time with a Subaru engine.  I have to say that right away the engine has impressed me.  It starts on the first pull almost every time.  On a cold start you might get a little movement as you can see in the video below.  However this only occurred when the unit was started cold and we were using the choke.  After you go full throttle and choke, there is no movement.  Since you are there monitoring the choke anyway it was a non issue for me.  The rubber feet on the bottom of the unit did a great job of minimizing vibration of the unit.

The engine is mated to a Pramac alternator that puts out 2400W and 2800 starting Watts. It runs 120 @ 20 amps through a GFCI protected receptacle with 2 plugs at the rear of the unit.  The power is clean and we were able to run our electronics off of it.  The all steel gas tank holds just shy of a gallon of fuel (.95) and runs about 2.6 hours at 50% load.  The handle is a very minimal simple design but has a rubber grip on it so you can grab it with one hand. It doesn’t offer any protection but keeps the weight down.  This really is great for the one man shop.  He can power a saw, pump, compressor, etc.  Even a roofing crew could use it.  You can easily bring it up a ladder if you have to.  It needs to be on a flat surface so it does not tip over, it will tip easier than a caged or wheeled generator.

Sure, you could get a lighter, quieter inverter but at 4 times the cost. The S 2800 is a workhorse that is designed to provide long term reliable power on the job site or at home. Pramac covers this product with a 2 year warranty.



  1. Help please I have Pramac S 2800 inverter. I have a power failure & need to start it but don’t know how. No instructions. Please answer ASAP. My basement will flood


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