PowerStrike Hammer – Titanium is the Past


Hammers come in all different flavors.  The Powerstrike has some features that are not normally found in hammers.  It has a spring in the head that actually absorbs all the impact. The same technology that is used in golf clubs.  The handle of the hammer is hollow aluminum which keeps it light and balanced.  The hammer has interchangeable parts so you can change the face or the weight of the hammer.  The stainless steel claw has 3 ways that you can pull nails, traditionally or from the 2 sides.

You really feel the advantage of this hammer when you use it.  There is hardly any vibration transmitted to your hand.  The head of the tool absorbs all the impact.  In our tests I can honestly say I felt less fatigued using the Powerstrike vs other hammers we tested.  Check out Powerstrike Hammers.



  1. Wow, just when you think that a hammer has reach the pinnacle of engineering, you see something like this. This hammer looks awesome.

  2. I would love to see a tool fight with a stiletto tibone 15.. that’s what I personally use for everything other than finish work and it’s hard to believe that it gets any better.. the features, feel and balance of the stiletto is perfect

    I thought the power strike guy did or does make custom bikes before this. for some reason Intense Cycles out of CA rings a bell but I’m not positive

    Either way their is no doubt that these are very nice hammers

  3. I just whant to say, that Hammer looks fine and sturdy, but there is some hazzard. For example when nailing a wall with hidden electric wires, or other hidden electric installations. All metal hammer conducts electricity – i know, it’s shocking:) so choose a hammer with a wooden or plastic handle if your’e uncertain about the wiring.


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