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Propane generator

We do a lot of generators here on Tools in Action, but this is our first alternative fuel source unit.  The Powermate PM0135500 is powered by liquid propane.  Yes the same 20 or 30 lb tanks that you use for your BBQ and heaters will now power your generator.  Advantages to this are huge as there is no gasoline to go bad and foul up your carburetor.  It is always ready to start. just lock down a tank on the top and it is ready to go. The average homeowner generally has a 20lb propane tank on hand.

Propane can be stored indefinitely and there is no messy gas spills to deal with.  In a power outage or severe weather event propane would be more readily available than gasoline in my opinion.  Other than running on propane the PM0135500 runs and sounds just like any gasoline generator.  You also have to run it outside and never run this unit indoors.  It provides 6 hrs of runtime at 50% on a 20lb tank.  Maximum starting watts is 6875 and the running watts is 5500.  Pretty much enough to keep an average sized home powered.  The frame is stout and it has run free flat tires to tackle any terrain.

The front panel is easy to access and has 4 X 120V and 2 240V outlets.  The unit has an electric key start and comes with a 12v battery. It also has a meter on the front that shows frequency, tracks maintenance and hours.  In case of a low oil condition the unit will shut down to save the motor.  The only downside to a propane generator is that it has a premium cost compared to a gas version of the same wattage.  I feel benefits outweigh the cost, this is a great unit to have on hand to be prepared for a disaster.  This unit is covered by a 2 year warranty.  Check out PM0135500 Powermate.

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