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So you think power tools are just for demo and building things?  What about lending them to friends, how do you feel about that?  Can they really stop an assault on someone?  Oh yeah what about safety, (something we are not familiar with at Tools in Action).

1. Cooking with Power Tools

Apparently quite a few Chicago chefs use power tools (and in one case, an innocuous grooming tool) to cook, prep, or plate food in their restaurant kitchens.

Check out the video


2. If you borrow a power tool from a friend, make sure you give it back.

ABERDEEN, Wash. – A 37-year-old Aberdeen man was arrested on Sunday for allegedly assaulting another man who had borrowed a power tool from him.
Police Captain John Green tells us the victim, a 39 year old Aberdeen man walked to AM/PM with a head injury and told authorities that he was confronted about the tool and struck in the face with a wooden object by the 37 year old just before midnight Sunday.
The suspect was located at the home where the incident occurred, in the 100 block of East 1st street, and arrested on charges of 2nd degree assault.


3. How about using a Power Tool to stop an Assault

A construction worker is being credited with stopping an assault of a woman in Hermosa Beach after he approached her attacker with a power drill.

Hermosa Beach police say a 49-year-old woman was walking on PCH and Pier Avenue with her 9-year-old niece Saturday evening, when 29-year-old Joel Jimenez, of Castaic, struck her on the buttocks, pulled her hair and started choking her.

A construction worker saw what was going on and brought a power tool with him in effort to ward off the suspect, Sgt. Robert Higgins told KCAL9.

4. Be careful of circular saw.  Oh wait it was a different tool, no big deal.

WATERBURY — Firefighters and police responded to a report of a man who had accidentally cut his neck with a circular saw at 34 Hungerford Ave. at 7 p.m. Saturday.

The incident turned out to be less serious than thought. A fire official said the man wasn’t cut with a circular saw but “some other type of power equipment or hand tool.”


  1. Boy. I don’t know if I would assault someone for my tools back. I would be afraid they would hurt me with my tools. I’m a big wimp.

  2. So I watched the video with the chiefs that use tools to cook. I love tools but I am not eating that s#!t they cooked. Come on a drill to make corn on the cob.

  3. Eric–About using power tools in food prep: I watch the Food Network a bit, as well as PBS cooking shows, and have seen chefs use a propane torch to give a light toasting to foods/desserts to complete them. The torch is typically (correctly?) used mostly for soldering copper pipes in plumbing installs or repairs of same. One could use a cordless drill to make mashed potatoes, mix up a cake or even as a blender device, but I’ve not seen anyone resort to that. A hand- or stand-mixer does those things so much more easily and efficiently, however, that it wouldn’t make sense to, unless your mixer was on the fritz.

    One gadget that started out as a manual woodshaping tool (the Microplane), is used by many chefs as a cheese grater; it also grates orange and lemon rind (zest) and spices like nutmeg. I have several of those myself, but don’t use them often; they are razor sharp and remove skin from fingers in the blink of an eye.

    I would be careful about using any tool that is not predominantly made of stainless steel for food prep. Regular steels tend to rust over time and don’t clean up as well as stainless, which can be placed in dishwashers for sanitizing between uses.

  4. Too many of my tools are too nice to lend. Even On the jobsite it upsets me when people “borrow” my tools without asking. People are just careless especially when they didnt pay for it. Like this electrician I work with sometimes borrows my drill and doesnt put enough force when driving screws stripping my bits. I feel like choking the guy, just kidding. I wonder if the worker that helped out the old lady had a circular saw, thats pretty scary to be attacked by. Its funny how the part of being struck in the buttocks was thrown in there. Lol

    • LOL, I agree. I hate lending my stuff out. They didn’t pay for it so it seems like they don’t care about taking care of the tool. It’s one thing if I beat my tools, but if someone else does, well that’s a different story.

  5. Um, paper shredder ‘teeth’ (aka: meshing gear cutters) are heavily coated by the factory with industrial lubricants potentially carcinogenic, saturated with toxic heavy metals the body cannot remove throughout life, and far from food-safe.

    On the other hand, stainless alloys used in masonry trowels and blades are very likely no problem at all. The hole saw bit may or may not be fine, likely depending on what’s in that red paint that’s clearly wearing off (into the corn of course, albeit hopefully only on/into the indelible cobb).

    Sheesh…. Using that paper shredder tho is the stuff of unseen nightmares to say the least.

    Even chucking a batter/egg mixer into a tool chuck isn’t particularly wise (especially a drill that’s not brushless) given minute particulate and carbon brush compounds potentially raining down in your food being mixed. Professional kitchen mixers are better sealed around the spindle to separate drive components from those in contact with foodstuffs.


  6. When I loan tools out I take a pic of them with the tool on my phone. That very act seems to give them the impetus to return it timely and not forget.


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