Company WebsiteSenco
Headquarters – Cincinnati, OH
Established – 1935
Parent Company – Senco Brands, Inc.
Public/Private – Private
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Target Market – Professional

About Senco

Albert Juilfs invented the Springtramp Eliminator, a device that eliminated a common vibration problem with automobiles of the time.  Now Senco is now a staple in the fastening industry.

Senco SCN49XP Nailer

Senco SCN49X Nailer
When it comes to nailers, Senco is one of those brands that has a tradition with its long history.  Both the contractor and homeowner...

SENCO FinishPro16XP Nailer Review

SENCO FinishPro16XP Nailer Review
What pneumatic nailers do you think of when you think longevity, history, and usability?  I am pretty sure that Senco came to mind first...

Senco PC1131 Compressor Review

Senco PC1131 Compressor Review
Senco dates back to the 1930's so when it comes to experience, you know they have it.  They have been working with fasteners and...

SENCO RoofPro 445XP Coil Nailer

As you know Senco has been around for a long time.  They make great products and reliable nailers.  This time Senco put out a...


SENCO announced a new coil roofing nailer.  The nailer is said to be lightweight, well balanced and is speedy, like Speedy Gonzales.  Well they...

Senco FinishPro 21LXP Pin Nailer

It's no surprise that if you want to use a nailer for finish work you really only have two real options.  You can either...

Senco Auto Feed Screwdriver Review Model DS312-18V

If I am going to be doing repetitive work, repetitive work, then I want a tool that makes this much easier. Which brings me...

Senco DS212 18V Auto-Feed Screwdriver Review

Awhile back we reviewed the Senco Duraspin.  As you know we liked the screw gun but we were looking for more and what do...

Senco Duraspin DS275-18V Review

I can't tell you how much time I have spent in my life fastening screws into drywall, decking and underlayment, but I bet it's...

Senco F-16A 5P0001N Cordless Nailer – The Future in Cordless Nailing

When Eric told me I was going to review an F-16 I was very excited.  I went right to Ebay to find a flight...

Senco Fusion Finish Nailer – FN65DA – Review

By now you have probably heard about the Senco Fusion nailing system.  If you have go ahead and skip this paragraph.  If not well...

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