Porter Cable PCC582B – 9V Alkaline Infrared Thermometer Review


The Porter Cable PCC582B is like no other.  It is simple to use and has a unique visual identification system that allows you to instantly see if something is warmer or cooler than the reference temperature you set.  This feature saves time and makes you more accurate.  It is almost like a poor mans thermal imager!

Porter Cable has a hit on its hands with the PCC582B.  It’s innovative visual alert system is awesome!  Porter Cable also has a 18V model that is compatible with Porter-Cable 18V lithium-Ion or NiCd batteries.  The 9V battery is a good option for those who do not have Porter Cable 18V tools.  A 12 to 1 spot ratio with an operating range of  -22°F to 590°F make this a great all around non contact thermometer.  If you need to record temperatures, you can store up to 10 and they are easily scrolled though via the playback button.  And of course it works like a normal IR thermometer and shows you the temp in either Fahrenheit or Centigrade.  The over molded grip is ergonomic and easy to hold, the tool fits well in your hand and is easily aimed.  To protect the lens and sensor during storage it comes with a cover on the front that stays attached, so you do not lose it.


Simplicity and innovation is the best way to describe the PCC582B,  It is so simple to use that you will have it figured out before you even read the first paragraph of the manual.  Pull the trigger and it locks on, whatever you are pointing at has a green spot illuminated on to it.  Green indicate that this is the reference temperature.  Red indicates warmer than the reference temp and blue indicates cooler than the reference temp.  1°, 5°, 10° Fahrenheit are your threshold choices. All of this is displayed on a easy to read and navigate red LCD back lit display.

For finding thermal leaks the PCC582B is fast.  Just run it along the wall until you see a color change and you have found your leak.  With an accuracy of +/- 1.8 degrees the Porter Cable PCC582B is good of most situations.  This product is backed by Porter Cable’s 3 year warranty .  Overall I like the PCC582B, it is brainless to operate and has a great price point at around $70.  The time saving innovative visual cues set this tool apart from the crowd.  Good Job Porter Cable!

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