Porter Cable 20V MAX 1/4″ Hex Impact Driver Kit PCCK640LB – Review


With design cues from the Millennium Falcon the PCCK640LB looks like something from Star Wars.  They really made this tool eye appealing and dare I say the word, sexy.  I just used the word sexy describing a tool.  I really need to get out and date!  The PC 20V line has really impressed us here at Tools in Action.  It looks awesome but does it cut the mustard?  Let’s find out.

The kit comes with 2 1.5 Ah batteries and at the base of the tool is a 3 bar battery status gauge.  The batteries are spring  loaded which provides a tight positive lock with no play.  Power is solid and the 1,450 in lbs of torque is more than a few other non brushless impacts in its class.  The variable speed trigger produces up to 0-2,900 RPM, 0-3,100 BPM.  When running 3″ lag screws into 4×4 lumber the tools overload protection kicked on a few times and would prevent the screw head from penetrating the wood.  Overall the power and control was great.

The design of the tool is very ergonomic, it feels good in your hand.  It is not quite as comfortable as the DeWALT 20v line up but it is close.  The head of the tool is encased with a rubber over-molded bumper.  Basically any surface you lay this tool on, it will not mar or slide thanks to all the rubber over-mold.  This by far is one of the most aesthetically pleasing tools I have ever seen.  Great job on the color and the rugged feel.

The LED light at the bottom does a good job of illuminating the work area and was better than I expected.  The 1/4″ hex chuck only takes one hand to operate.  I love this feature and think it is a must on every tool in this day and age.  At the top of the tool a ref 2 magnetic bit holders.  They work great at holding bits in place and can even hold 1/4″ drive nut setter.  The bottom is contoured to hold the bit and it holds well provided you don’t drop the tool, which is the only time one fell of on us.  Porter Cable has really turned around its boring 18V line with this exciting new tool.  But all this torque and good looks comes at a steeper price than the existing 18V line up.  The PCCK640LB is good competition for the Kobalt and RIDGID equivalents and has a 3 year warranty.  Check out Porter Cable





  1. this looks like a really interesting tool, thats for sure! ha. i thought i heard porter cable was making a corded impact drill as well… it is sad that the only one available is a makita (I think) – although I hear it is pretty good….

  2. That’s quite a while. I’m taking a construction class in school right now. It’s pretty fun. Are school has all ridgid tools. There pretty nice. But they are old. My teacher has an M18 impact driver witch is pretty sweet

  3. They had some at my local lowes. Didn’t have any set up as a display yet though so couldn’t get a feel of them. They were clearance prices on a lot of the 18v porter cable bare tools don’t know if its a sign of new products being released soon, or its just a local store deal.

  4. Just unpacked these at work, seem nice for the price. But you are better off spending an extra $30 for the dewalt(the 2 pc set gets pretty cheap sometimes).


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