PENCILMAN Marking Tape Measure


There are a lot of tape measures on the market.  We usually don’t go over many tapes because lets face it, there is never to much innovation to them and usually they aren’t that exciting.  However we do have a little different story here.  This is the Pencilman tape measure.  Two unique items about this tape measure is that fact you can use pretty much any pen or pencil, lock it in place and make accurate marks.  Another item on this is the locking mechanism.  This is one of the strongest locks we have seen.  If you would like to learn more about it, check is out on their website – Pencilman



  1. Dan I don’t like. Something’s should be left alone & not try to make into a multitool. We are seeing this in everything specially in some brands more than others. I usually stay away from these type of tools now a days. If I saw this tape a few years I might have thought about it. Laters TIA

  2. This looks like a pretty innovative design. Maybe not for everyday use, but definitely could see the usefulness with the home hobbyist, especially for laying out radius dimensions.


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