Painters Pyramid Review


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Painter’s Pyramid

The painter’s Pyramid is a durable and versatile tool that allows you to save time and effort by painting an entire object (the top, bottom, and sides) without having to wait for the paint to dry or sacrificing any quality whatsoever. Its rounded, non-stick point makes only minimal contact with the object being painted so touch-ups aren’t required.  It minimizes the touch point with the object being painted and is formulated of a high density polymer that paints, stains, and many glues do not adhere to. The Painter’s Pyramids can be positioned to hold up to 200 lbs for heavy project use.

All kinds of do-it-yourselvers  and professionals use the Painter’s Pyramids to cut down on project time.  Some of its most common uses include painting and staining doors, molding, and book cases.  In addition, the Painter’s Pyramids work great on many spray painting projects. The best part about these great little gadgets is that the rounded tip will not penatrate the surface being painted!

The Painter’s Pyramid is a three-sided pyramid. Each side measures approximately 2.5”. It is made of a specially formulated, lightweight plastic that provides superior strength and adhesion resistance. The versatility of the Painter’s Pyramid makes it easy to use in multiple situations. The base provides a stable surface when placed upon a floor or workbench. The holes make it easy to attach the Painter’s Pyramid to a sawhorse or other work surface.

Painter’s Pyramid Review:

When we broke out the Painter’s Pyramids for our actual review, you can see from our video that these babies work really well. We used them both with paint and stain, and we did not get any marks on freshly painted surfaces. The product does what it says it can do, and that is,it lets the painter complete a whole project in one sitting, (or standing). You can paint one side of your project on the painter’s pyramids, and then flip it over right away and paint the other side of your project. This ia a great time saver! You can also see from our video that we tested the weight capability of the Painter’s Pyramids, and thet stand up to heavy weight use.

Final Thought

What a Great Idea! If you do alot of project painting on doors and shelves, etc., you have to get this project helper. Our hats are off to the Painter’s Pyramid!!


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