Painter’s Pyramid Finishing Turntable


Painter’s Pyramid Overview

You may remember our review of the Painter’s Pyramid. If not, you can take a look at the pyramid review.  For a quick review, the Painter’s pyramid is a great way to stain, paint, or finish your work in one sitting.  The system allows you to complete the project easily and allows the user to paint the sides, bottom and top without having to wait for a side to dry and then come back to finish up.  K&M came out with a new product to compliment the painter’s Pyramid.  The new product is the Painter’s Pyramid Finishing Turntable.

The Finishing Turntable by Painters Pyramid is exactly as the name implies.  It is a turntable that allows the user to rotate their work and finish a certain side of the project.  This allows the user to minimize their contact or movement with a project.  In return this lowers the chance of dents, scratches and blemishing one could cause while working with stain, paint or other finishing products.  The turntable has a base of about 15.75″ which provides a lot of stability for even large projects.  The system utilizes 12 Painter’s Pyramids that can be adjusted to fit the dimensions of your work.  To our surprise this turntable supports up to 100lbs.

Painter’s Pyramid  Review

When we first checked this turntable out and having previous experience with the Painter’s Pyramid, we had a good idea we would like this.  What this turntable does that is great, besides lowering frustration with finishing projects, is it minimizes contact with the user.  We have all had that happen when we are painting or finishing a project, we have to lift the item up to move or reposition the project.  What happens?  We end up dumping, dropping or something else that frustrates us because we are not paying attention.  The turntable eliminates this as all the user has to do is turn the project without ever  having to lift it up.  We like the fact the system uses 12 painter’s pyramids because this allows for greater stabilization which we found to be the case with this tool.

This system is ready to use right out of the box.  Just place the turntable on a work space, then place your work on top and you’re ready to go.  We found even with 80 lbs. on the turntable, it moved very easily.  One item we liked was being able to replace the pyramids.  In case you drop or somehow break one of the pyramids, there is a screw on the back to disassemble the turn table and make any replacements as necessary.  If you took time to review our previous article on the pyramids, you will see how well the minimal contact points really turns out a superior finish woodworking project.  The turntable just adds to this cool invention.

Final Thoughts on the Painter’s Pyramid

This is a great addition to the all ready popular and functional Painter’s Pyramid.  The finishing turntable is very easy to use, very stable and makes working on any project a snap.  While we loved the painter’s pyramid, the turntable is great as it adds all the great features of the pyramids, but now you can easily move your work and get the hard to reach places.




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