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Welcome to New Tool News. Where we inform you on the latest tools and accessories heading your way. Today we are excited to let you know about the RYOBI USB Lithium Power Carver Kit. This kit includes the industry’s first cordless power carver and is a great addition to RYOBI’s already impressive craft tools lineup.

Most professionals and prosumers know that RYOBI is an exclusive brand to The Home Depot and provides an extensive lineup of power tools and outdoor power equipment. However, RYOBI has also made a name for itself as a manufacturer of professional-grade craft tools. These craft tools range from cordless glue guns to rotary tools, to soldering irons, and more.

RYOBI USB Lithium Power Carver Kit

RYOBI USB Cordless Power Carver

  • Model #: FVH51K
  • Specs & Features: 4V 2.0Ah USB-rechargeable RYOBI Lithium battery, 1 mm stroke length, and 14k SPM, two-year limited warranty.
  • Accessories: Straight Chisel for detailed carving, U-Gouge for clearing large amounts of wood, and V-Gouge for relief carving and detailing.
  • Price: $69 from The Home Depot.

What is a Power Carver?

Power Carvers are great for wood restoration and woodworking projects. While attachments such as a U-Gouge are for removing large amounts of wood and creating the general shape, other ends and attachments are used for adding details to wood projects.

Examples of Power Carver Crafts

Here are a few close-ups of details you can add with a power carver…

Want to learn more about Power Carving? Check out this YouTube video.

More RYOBI Craft Tools

RYOBI Craft & Hobby Tools

Again, RYOBI has done a really good job of catering to the niche market of crafters and hobbyists. RYOBI has taken common craft tools and integrated them with their power and technology to either provide users with better performance or more freedom with their craft projects.

Most of this has translated to cordless crafts tools that are either USB-rechargeable or compatibility with the RYOBI battery platform.

You can browse the RYOBI Craft Tools Lineup on either the RYOBI site, at The Home Depot, or Amazon.

More Crafts Tools & Projects

RYOBI actually has its own database called RYOBI NATION where RYOBI shares craft projects you can do, as well as showcase craft projects by others using RYOBI craft tools.

You can also browse craft tools and projects on on our TIA Pinterest page.

Final Thoughts on RYOBI Cordless Power Carver

Of course this is totally biased as most of us at TIA are crafters of some sort. Eric has actually been a woodworker for at least 30 years. I’m always excited to try something new. I actually prefer power carvers over traditional carving tools because I can focus more of my effort on the design. Honestly, at only $69 this feels like a small investment for a serious woodworker or crafter.

Overall, I’m looking forward to playing with this RYOBI Cordless Power Carver. What projects would you like to us attempt here at TIA? Let us know in the comments.


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