New Black & Decker 40V Brushless Cordless Snow Blower

Black & Decker Cordless Snowblower

It seems like cordless snow blowers are the hot new thing everyone wants and now Black and Decker is getting into the market. The nice thing about cordless snow blowers is the convince of not dealing with gas. We all know now how much of a hassle ethanol has made dealing with gas powered OPE. If the equipment is not used weekly or daily you will have problems from bad gas and snow blowers can sit for a long time which is horrible for your gas powered equipment. I have to say this unit looks pretty good for the money.  You get a brushless motor which gives you a longer run time over a brushed motor and two 2.5ah batteries with the kit version of the snow blower which is priced around a $299 from various online retailers. I would imagine Black and Decker will offer a bare tool option in the future for people already in the Black and Decker 40v line.

I’m a big fan of cordless snow blowers, if you live in an area that gets six inches or less per snow fall and don’t have a huge area to clear. The cordless snow blowers are designed for a person on a typical city/suburban lot. If your looking at switching from gas powered OPE Black and Decker, pretty much has anything you would want product wise now.

Here is a quick rundown on the spec’s

  • Rubber Auger + 21 In. Clearing Path Allow for Fast, Efficient Snow Removal
  • Brushless Motor Technology Provides Power and Runtime
  • Includes (2) 2.5Ah 40V MAX* Lithium Batteries for Ample Runtime
  • Push Button Start for Quick Start Up
  • 180 Degree Rotational Chute, Throws Up to 20 Feet
  • *Maximum initial battery voltage (measured without a workload) is 40V. Nominal voltage is 36.

Black & Decker Cordless Snowblower


  1. I think when we all see black and decker, we immediately are drawn away. I can’t amagine that this thing has a long run time. I can’t amagine that i can even throw snow. I don’t think I will ever buy a black and decker tool.

  2. My B&D pole saw has been absolutely amazing under the most demanding conditions. I have 12 Dewalt 20/60V tools and this B&D is just as good in quality. You should actually try the tools before commenting.

  3. This thing is an over priced piece of junk.
    This was given to me as a gift about 6 months ago. Seeing as it was summer I had no need to us it until now. no matter what I do I can’t get it to run for more then 2 seconds. I followed the “troubleshooting” guide in the owners manual (what a joke), “Check that auger is free to turn. Check that the battery cavity is free of debris and is connected properly. Has battery been fully charged? Surrounding air temperature of above 40 degrees F or below 105 degrees F.” Wait….. so you cant use the snow thrower if the temperature is below freezing?!
    So now I have this over priced pick of junk that won’t work unless it is worm enough that the snow is going to melt anyway and it can’t be returned because it is past the 90 day return window!

  4. I have All Black and decker cordless … they are all good … mower is 10yrs old still like new original battery … looking into this blower because of good luck with all My B&D cordless tools.


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