More Free Tools – Woo Hoo





Well it turns out that the Bosch L-Boxx-3D doesn’t come with drawers, but have no fear.  Bosch has added a LST92-OD and iBOXX53-12 to the Ultimate Tool bag Giveaway.  If our contest doesn’t float your boat you can head on over to Tool Skool who is giving away a RIDGID 18V kit and a Ridgid JobMax.

Tool Skool RIDGID combo kit giveaway

Tool Skool RIDGID Job Max giveaway



  1. I wish, I wish with ALL my heart
    I wish for the Ultimate Tool Bag tonight
    I wish I may, I wish I might, on my favorite Tool Stars (Dan&Eric) tonight.

    (ok, I can go to sleep now and have wonderful tool dreams)

  2. I was hoping you might be able to add the drawers. I have this exact setup in my basement with my l-boxx 3d and love it.

  3. The Ultimate Tool Bag Giveaway keeps getting better and better. Someone is going to be very lucky. Heck you could start your own contracting business if you win.

  4. I agree 100%. I’ve never received free tools but I’m keeping my fingers crossed. My luck is sure to change one of these

  5. Please tools in action send me some love. I will still love you guys if you don’t. But I could get a lot more work done if you did.until then I’ll just have to pass the time reading your reviews.

  6. Hey Dan, I tried the”sign in with Facebook” button and get the following error. (Could be my side, but just wanted to let’s you know).:
    You attempted to reach, but the server presented a certificate issued by an entity that is not trusted by your computer’s operating system….

  7. I agree 100%. I've never received free tools but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. My luck is sure to change one of these


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