Milwaukee Trueview M12 LED Spot Light 2353


When it comes to lighting in the power tool industry, no one does it better than Milwaukee. Now, I am talking about the power tool companies. not companies like Streamlight. Milwaukee has changed the game with their new lighting.  While other companies are still treating their lights as an added tool to increase the number count in their kits, Milwaukee is taking a whole new approach.  Here is a perfect example, their new Trueview M12 LED Spot Light.

We already know they have the largest 12V line around, but now you can add one more tool.  Don’t just assume this is another light because it’s not.  This is truly a Spot Light. Get this, the light has a beam distance of 700 yards, that’s 7 football fields.  Yes, I know technically a football field is 120 yards, but I think you get the point.  Think about how many people would get a kick out of this light?  Yes, all the areas in construction, but what about other people like pizza delivery people trying to find a house number, a hunter or any other outdoors man.  What if Tom Hanks had this light instead of the volleyball in Castaway?  Instead of being stranded for 4 years, he might have got off that island in a week.  I mean sure the movie would have been shorter and sales would have been down, but let’s get real.  He would have been able to use either the high, low or strobe beam depending upon his mood.  Okay, I get it now.  Now I understand why the movie wouldn’t have worked with this light.  The light runs for 4 hours on high and 8 hours on low or strobe, so since he was on an island, how would he have charged the batteries?  I guess Milwaukee would have had to have a rechargeable charger.  The light is impact resistant, so even if he dropped it on the rocks, he still would have been good to go.

The light carries a five year warranty and is priced as a bare tool for about $70.  Maybe when they make the sequel to Castaway where instead of a FedEx employee, he is a UPS employee, maybe they can work this light into the movie.  All in all I love how Milwaukee turned an ordinary tool like a light into something more.  A useful tool that actually works and helps people.  This spotlight is not only bright, but it’s clear.


  1. Big fan of the m12 line. Not sure if I’ll pick this up though, I have the big dewalt Spotlight, love the red led in it. Good to see Milwaukee coming out with some new tools in their 12 volts though.


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