Milwaukee Top Off Power Supply

Milwaukee Top Off Power Supply

We live in an age where we rely on electronics such as phones, tablets, and computers.  All these devices rely on batteries.  So how do we bridge the gap of charging these batteries when we aren’t by a power source? Let me introduce you to the Milwaukee Top Off Power Supply.

Milwaukee Top Off Power Supply Information

Milwaukee Top Off Power Supply Features

Here are some of the features of the Milwaukee Top Off Power Supply:

  • 175W Continuous Watts
  • Rafter hook
  • Works with Laptops, Cellphones, TV’s and other smaller devices
  • AC 120V Outlet
  • DC Output 1 – USB-A port: 5V/2.4A (12W) or 9V/1.67A (15W)
  • DC Output 2 – USB-C PD port: 5/9/12/15V 3A (45W)

Milwaukee Top Off Power Supply Impressions

This is a great addition to the Milwaukee lineup.  On the job or on the go, we need power.  Being able to use an M18 battery to get that extra power to either charge your phone or use your computer is key.

I like being able to plug in my computer, a USB A or USB C.

Milwaukee Top Off Power Supply Wrap Up

Bottom line, this is a key accessory for anyone today.  While it can be used on the Jobsite, anyone who needs power, this is a must.  For camping, tailgating, job sites, hanging around outside, or a variety of other times we need power.  While the $99 is a hefty price tag for a small accessory, it’s worth every penny since we rely on electronics and we need them to be powered.


    • The two machines I am familiar with require 90 watts, so this adapter would power one just fine, with power to spare. The issue would be how long a battery would run the machine. Based off of some rough math, I believe you would be looking at 45-90min run time depending on the size battery you were using.


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