Milwaukee Tools Two New Storage Solutions


Milwaukee is hitting the market hard with new and innovative storage solutions.  If you watch our videos and why wouldn’t you, you will noticed their toolbox in the back of the videos.  In my opinion, these toolboxes are the best in the market.  The drawers are self closing, easy to open and sturdy.  Well today Milwaukee Tool announced they are releasing another storage solution, the 30″ Steel Storage Chest and Cabinet (48-22-8530) and the 60″ Mobile Work Station (48-22-8560).  Both new units are constructed of reinforced angle iron frame and 5” industrial casters for ultimate durability.


The 60” Mobile Work Station (48-22-8560) is a 22” multi-position metal peg wall, making quick access to the tools you use most.  With an additional 11 drawers that include 100lb soft close slides and a center drawer with a moveable divider.  The Work Station can support a weight capacity of 2,200 lbs. On the side there is a multi-position utility shelf that can be mounted at different heights for convenient storage of bulk items, a quick-access tool holder, plus a power outlet.  The top of the workstation is a one inch thick reversible hardwood top.  Price will be $599 and available in May 2016.


The new 30” Steel Storage Chest and Cabinet (48-22-8530) is designed with 12 drawers with 100lb soft close slides.  The unit has independent locking drawers and a pull-out work surface for using and storing a laptop or documents. Under the Pneumatic lid, users can also store tools on the integrated metal peg wall, just like their bigger box.  The work surface has 9.5” of clearance from the lid when closed. On the side, there is a power outlet.  The price tag will be $499 and available in May 2016.


  1. I need one. I would love to have one, the problem is room. I don’t have much room in my shop. I may have to make room though. Lol

  2. I really like the mobile work station from Milwaukee, it’s nice that they are expanding their line of tool storage. At $599.00 for the 60″ work station or do I go for the $698.00 for 52″ tool box? I wish I could get both!

  3. If only I could afford it. Times like these I am reminded of the Bare Naked Ladies song, “If I had a Million Dollars”. If I had I would walk into my local Milwaukee Distributer and say, I want 2 of each.

  4. They put a classic touch to the 60″ by putting a hardwood top on it, I really like that, as well as the pegboard, I just hope the pegboard is thick enough to hold the pegs properly, or they use a different type that works with thinner metal pegboard. Awesome idea on the soft close drawers, I have those kind in my kitchen, best thing I could have done. Awesome bit of news, guys, keep my wallet dry this way! #tiacrew

  5. That is one slick workstation! Dear Santa….
    Slap a vise on that guy and I’m in business. Can’t wait to play with one at Depot

  6. My garage is stuffed with tool storage of one kind or another but now I want one of these to squeeze in there too. Damn you Eric!

  7. I really like that rolling workstation, maybe I can paint it yellow lol. I am seriously considering picking one up for the 3rd workshop.

  8. Eric, did you happen to catch the depth of these things? I can hope for 24″, but I bet it’ll be less…

  9. The workstation is a nice box I can’t wait to start saving up to get it. I like all the storage options it has. This would make a great addition to any workshop. Can’t wait to see it in person.

  10. Heck with this stuff I’m waiting for the fuel version of tool boxes!! I love that work bench that thing is pretty sweet, I love the Chargers on the side if you have room for it. #TIACREW

  11. Distinguished DIYer
    I have the 41″ In the House! Love it.
    I wanted a larger Box in the garage and a work bench. Now I have to figure 30″&60″Workstation, or 41″ and 60″ Workstation, or 41″ and 41″ Base as a workstation, or wait until that 52″ workstation finally gets married to it partner of top Box, or just drive my wife crazy pontificating all these configurations.

    I guess its a good problem to have.


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