Milwaukee Tool Belt 49-17-0195 review


Having the right tool belt can make or break your day.  The reason I know this is because I use one almost every day and my current belt was going downhill.  I was starting to get rips and tears, plus it just wasn’t fitting right anymore.  When I started looking around for a tool belt, I noticed Milwaukee had a pretty cool looking tool belt.  However I never even knew they made these belts.  I have been extremely happy with my other Milwaukee products, so I thought I would give this a shot and see.  After all, the picture looks like it can hold a lot of tools.  Not that I want to carry around that many tools, but if the day requires it, it’s nice to know I can.

When I first received the belt, I was rather excited.  I know it’s just a belt, but when you get a tool or something that makes your life easier, it’s hard not to get excited.  I glanced at the package and that’s when it dawned on me, Milwaukee has had this belt for years.  If you look closely at the product image (on the box) of the belt, you can see the old style, I mean very old style batteries in the pouch.  Not that it matters to me.  As long as the belt feels nice, stays in place and holds my tools, I am happy.

The belt is a 5 piece work belt made from water resistant 1800 Denier Ballistic Polyester material.  I have no idea what any of that means, but it does sound good to me.  One item I really like is you can take off any of the pieces you don’t want for that day, plus you can move them around your belt to make it fit your needs.  Yes, I know most belts work like this, but it is worth mentioning as I have seen some belts that don’t have this option.  The belt has a total of 33 pockets which is more than enough to carry around your arsenal of tools in a days work.  The main pouches both have hammer hooks, heavy duty die cast tape holders which work great and flat bottoms.  There is also a builder’s square pocket.  Besides the two main pouches, there is a separate hammer hook, which I use all the time because I can place this one on my backside so the hammer is not always hitting my leg.  There is also another pouch that comes in handy.  I can keep some bits or other small items in this pouch.  The last pouch is a cell phone or radio pouch, which again I don’t use because my cell phone doesn’t fit in this pocket and I don’t have a two way radio.

The belt is also equipped for people who like suspenders.  I don’t wear them, so I just took mine off.  My only gripe about this belt is since this belt is made for people with a waist of 30″ – 48″ and I am a 34″, I have a lot of extra tongue available.  I can tuck this part in, but it would be nice if there was a clip or something to take it out of the way.

I have been using this belt for about a month and I can say I really like this belt.  It feels nice and I can decide how much I want to carry around.  Most of the time I just carry one pouch and the hammer belt, which is ample.  The main pouches are set up nice so I can access my pencil and other tools I use all the time.  Overall this is a great tool belt and for me it’s worth every penny to have a comfortable tool belt that I know will last.





  1. Nice belt, I like pockets. I wear a vest that has 17 pockets and I carry
    all kinds of stuff around. The tool belt would be an added advantage.


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