Milwaukee Suspension Tool Belt

Milwaukee Tool Belt 48-22-8120_2

If you are one of those guys that like to carry around 50 pounds of nails and every tool you own on your tool belt, then this one is not for you. This belt is design for the remodeler or installer. The suspension belt has pouches for everything you need and a little more. The belt is built with 1680 Denier Nylon and has Riveted Seams.  As you can see by the picture, the belt also has all metal hardware, which makes this gear pretty durable.

The Contractor Work Belt with suspension Rig provides users with 24 organizational pockets and incorporates handles that allow the belt to be easily removed, stored, and transported. A plastic lined puncture-resistant pocket allows users to store sharp objects, such as jab saws, without worry of damaging their bags and the included work belt is padded and breathable. The included suspenders feature a universal smart phone pocket and provide users with comfort while on the jobsite.

Like many, I have my belt set up with the tools I like to keep in hands reach. Hammer, tape measure, square, awl, razor knife, nail puller, chalk line, jab saw and nail punch. I find that the suspension rig has plenty of shoulder padding and is comfortable to wear. As for the smart phone pocket I mostly use it for my laser distance measurer. The pockets are a good size and it also has a spot for you speed square. The belt itself is heavy duty and fits up to size 52. The rig comes set up with the pouches on the sides and the hammer hook in the middle. I personally don’t like the hook in the middle of my back so I moved it to my side. The system is very easy to add or remove pouches to meet your needs.


  1. Great review man! I really enjoy my belt. If you’re in the market for a new belt out there. This is a good choice. It is expensive but it is going to out last at least 3 other brand tool belts. It has taken for ever just to break it in. Once it broke in its very comfy and you can fit more stuff in the pouches too. More nails hand tools ect. Great tool belt Milwaukee. #tiacrew #tia

  2. I like this as well, but there’s one caveat – if you’re tall (I’m 6’5′), you will need the XL suspenders. Milwaukee does not offer a complete package in XL, so you have to buy this and then another set of suspenders.

    Also, it would be helpful if they sold/included some method for hanging cordless tools from it. Right now, I’m using an additional hammer loop in front that mainly holds my M18 Fuel impact when I’m using it, but a better option than hooking it to the belt (you have to mess around to not hook clothing) and not having another hammer loop sticking out would be great.

    For those of you not using tool belts on projects, try it… you save a LOT of time making yourself much more efficient having everything on you.

  3. Hi Carroll,

    Nice review.So many pockets on this tool belt! That’s cool.

    What about the suspender quality? How much weight can they bear?


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