Milwaukee Sub-Scanner M12 Cordless Detection Tool Review


Superman has some pretty cool powers, but one of the coolest is the ability to see through walls and other materials.  OK, well the bulletproof things may top that, but seeing through things has a lot of potential.  Milwaukee has been busy with expanding the M12 line.  One cool tool they have is the Sub-Scanner Detection tool.

Power Tool Review – Milwaukee Sub-Scanner

Power Tool Model – 2290-21


Specifications of the Milwaukee Sub Scanner

  • Auto Calibration
  • Drywall Thickness – 1-1/2”
  • Ceramic Tile Thickness – ½”
  • Marble Thickness – ½”
  • Concrete Thickness 6”
  • Stud Center Measurement Accuracy (Center) – ¼”
  • Steel Center Measurement Accuracy (Center) – ½”
  • Stud Measurement Accuracy (Center) – ¼”
  • Copper, Aluminium Center Measurement Accuracy – ½”
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • And much more

Nuts & Bolts of the Milwaukee Sub Scanner

Finding out what is behind a wall or under some concrete is obviously very important.  Drilling or performing work without knowing what is behind or under something can not only be costly from a stand point of money, but also a safety issue.   Knowing is always a better solution.  As I am sure you already know, Milwaukee Tools has a pretty cool Sub Scanner Detection tool.  The scanner will detect and locate wood, pex, pvc and metal.  It can measure depths and locate rebar in concrete up to 6” deep.  This also will let the user differentiate between steel (Ferrous) and Copper or non-ferrous metals.  It scans through gypsum, OSB, ceramic tile and marble too.  One cool feature is it also detects live wires, a built in AC voltage detector.  Now if you have used a sub scanner before, you know about and understand calibration.  The M12 is great because it calibrates automatically.  Now that is just the inside of this scanner.

On the outside there is a nice large handle for the user to grip on to.  The tool is protected by a nice thick rubber padding on the corners.  While holding the tool, you can easily see the display screen with large numbers and diagrams, even under bright lights.  The battery is like the rest of the M12 line where it slides into the handle of the power tool.  There is a control dial located right below the screen for easy access.  There truly is a lot to this scanner and if you would like to read more about it, we put a link below that will take you to all the great stats about this scanner.


We are not going to go into a lot about this tool as we already talked about the specs.  Take a look at the video below.  We feel the video will show you more detail than we can explain in words; partly because we are not expert writers as you may have guessed.

When we first saw this tool, it looked a little large which all sub scanners are.  When we picked it up we were very shocked at how light it is, even with the battery.  The weight doesn’t affect you if you will be using it all day on an angle and having to hold it up against a wall or other projects.  We were able to use this tool right out of the box.  Very easy to work with and learn without any directions, even though the directions do look helpful.  The display was easy to read and the push buttons resemble the temp gun, so they too were easy.  All the menus were a snap and easy to navigate and learn.  Again this tool is just one of those tools you have to see in action, so take a look at the video and let us know what you think.



Overall this is a great tool to have around.  Very easy to use and finds just about anything, except for your truck keys, unless you drop them behind a wall and happen to be looking.  There is more than enough rubber to help protect the tool from damage.  The screen is very easy to read even in dark and light conditions.  Taking a peek behind or into something cannot be any easier than with the Milwaukee Sub-Scanner.  We like what Milwaukee is doing with their M12 line and all the different options they have available.  It’s nice to finally have one line of tools with so many different options.



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