Milwaukee Shockwave Titanium Drill Bit Set


This is just a quick little article to let you know about Milwaukee’s new Shockwave Titanium Drill Bits.  Personally I have never really used many of their drill bits in the past, but these seem to be a little intriguing.  Before I tell you about them, I have to say I have used these bits.  While they do seem to be extremely nice, I don’t have enough experience to say they are truly the top drill bit on the market.  For the price, they are easily worth a look and a try.

The new bits are designed to withstand tough applications.  The Titanium coating is suppose to give 3 times the life over Black Oxide, which is a huge plus.  I probably don’t have to tell you this, but since this is part of their Shockwave line, these are designed to take heavy abuse, so they can be used with your impact and yes, obviously drills also.
The tip of the bit has a chip breaker which helps reduce heat and walking, therefore increasing life.  Going down the bit, Milwaukee designed this with a variable flute, which they call Variable Helix.  The variable flute allows for more rapid material removal.  So with the tip of the bit and the flute design, these are made for speed and production.
Again, I don’t have a lot of experience with these new bits, but from what I have used, they seem to hold up and be great bits.  The bit truly doesn’t seem like it wants to walk like other bits I have tried.  You can buy different sets, but the two kits I tried were the 48-89-460 which is a 15 bit set and the 48-89-4631 which is a 23 piece kit.


  1. Nice write up Eric, I always tried to avoid these brand bits, because they tend to be expensive and dull quickly. I’ll have to pick up a set and do some testing. Especially since I tend to use impacts all the time, this maybe a plus.

  2. Love em!! I use them every day because honestly they are a lot more affordable than the DeWalt impact bits I was using Although I think I like the DeWalt better for metal drilling still since they are one piece and I have yet to snap one. The only Milwaukee Helix I’ve burned up so far was a bit I was using for hardy board drilling which basically burns up most bits way faster anyways. Well done Milwaukee and I love the new Shockwaves as well. The Number 2 phillips is way improved!

  3. These are very very good bits! If you like these I highly recommend Milwaukee’s tourch metal sawzall blades!

  4. I just picked up a set of these bits on sale at Home Depot. They look they’ll make a good set of all around bits.


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