Milwaukee Screwdriver Review

Milwaukee Screwdriver Review

It’s amazing to think how Milwaukee Tool has grown over the last ten years.  Ten years ago no other manufacturer took Milwaukee seriously, now they are all playing catch up. Milwaukee has been leading the way with new innovations and new products month after month.  A couple years ago they didn’t even have a hand tool line up.  Now their hand tool line up is plentiful and a force to be dealt with.  Speaking of new hand tools let’s jump into the Milwaukee Screwdriver Review.

Milwaukee Screwdriver Review Overview

Milwaukee already has screwdrivers in their product line so this isn’t new to them. However, I did want to cover their new demolition screwdrivers.

The demolition screwdriver is a set of two all metal core screwdrivers that include a Phillips and a flat head.  The screwdriver kit is 48-22-2702.

Milwaukee Screwdriver Review Features

Milwaukee Screwdriver Review

Milwaukee uses a tri-lobe handle which means more comfort and a better way to apply leverage.

Milwaukee Screwdriver Review

The end caps are designed to take abuse such as hitting it with a hammer.  They are designed from high impact steel.  The end caps also feature a visual indicator so you know which screwdriver you are grabbing from your belt or bag.

Milwaukee Screwdriver Review

The high impact steel shanks don’t stop at the beginning of the handle.  In fact, the shaft goes through the handle and is directly underneath the end cap for maximum transfer of impact energy.  The shaft is also hex shaped so you can use it with a wrench.

Milwaukee Screwdriver Review

The tips are designed to be a snug fit into a #2 Phillips or flat head.

Milwaukee Screwdriver Review Performance

Now we didn’t do any demo work with them.  At the time of this article, I am in the process of securing my roof.  So, I am doing more building than demo work.

Eric Jopp Attic

Anyways I am sure you want to hear about the screwdrivers and not my attic.  For me, I love these screwdrivers.  They are comfortable and while we didn’t beat on them, they seem solid and a tool you can abuse over and over again.

Let’s be honest, it’s hard to test and report about the performance of a screwdriver.  The bottom line is the comfort and quality, which these screwdrivers meet.

Milwaukee Screwdriver Review Value

Believe it or not these retail for $10, so if my math is right, that is $5 a piece.  While Milwaukee could charge more for these, they have kept the price point reasonable and I think these are a great value.  The screwdrivers are quality and should last a long time, even under heavy use.

Milwaukee Screwdriver Final Thoughts

Bottom line, these are a steal at $10.  Milwaukee added another great product to their hand tool line up.  If you are looking for screwdrivers you can use on your demo jobs, these should be taken into consideration for your next purchase.


  1. i was wondering what set to buy, this one or the Dewalt Demolition screwdrivers. They both seemed good. Then I asked myself, when you think of demolition, whats the first word to come to mind ? To me Sawzall. And when I think of Sawzall the 1 st that comes to mind is Milwaukee. And thats why I bought this set. And I havent been disappointed.


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