Milwaukee Rocket Light Review – LED M18 Tower Light 2135-20

Milwaukee Rocket Light Review

Milwaukee is adding another light to their line up. Milwaukee was the first company to really change job site lighting. They have a ton of lighting solutions available for the professionals.  Some of the lighting solutions include area lighting, task lighting and personal lighting.  A couple years back they introduced the Milwaukee Trueview LED light stand.  We all know this is a great light.  However Milwaukee being Milwaukee, they wanted to take a great light and make it better.  So let me introduce you to their new Milwaukee Rocket Light.  So let’s jump in and go over the Milwaukee Rocket Light Review and let you know what we think of this light.

Milwaukee Rocket Light ReviewLet’s start off by talking about light since that is what this is and the reason you buy this light.  This light has three independent heads that pivot, which truly allows you to shine light in any direction.  Besides the individual lights being able to pivot, you can also pivot the whole head.  The Milwaukee Rocket light model 2135 also has 3 different modes, high, med & low.  Let’s assume you are running this light with a M18 5Ah battery.  On high you will get 3,000 lumens with a run time of about 2 hours.  On medium you will get 1,700 lumens with a run time of about 4 hours.  On low, you will get 900 lumens with a run time of 8 hours.

Milwaukee Rocket Light ReviewSince this is a light tower, you can raise the light up to 7 feet tall.  There are two separate extensions that fold away when not in use.  The one thing I noticed is that when the light is fully extended, it’s extremely stable with the base.  The bar that extends out isn’t a cheap plastic, flimsy rod.  It’s metal and sturdy.  If 7′ is a little taller than you want, no worries, you don’t have to extend it and it will stand about 4′ tall.

Set up only takes about 10 seconds.  Just depress a button located on the handle and the legs will fold out.  I have to say, even the legs and base are strong.  The legs cover a nice large area so you don’t have to worry about the light tipping over even if it’s jarred hard.  Not that it’s a huge deal, but it would have been nice to see an extension on one of the legs in case you are on uneven surfaces.  Again, not a huge deal because you can pivot the light in any direction so it will never effect where the light shines.  Plus this light has a low center of gravity.

Milwaukee Rocket Light ReviewSo what about power?  You know it can be powered from the M18 battery and we went over the stats above.  If you want some crazy run time, you can use this with their M18 9Ah High Demand battery.  If that is still not enough run time, here is the great thing.  You can grab an extension cord and plug this light in as it has an AC plug at the base of the unit.  Now you can run all the time.  But wait that’s not all.  If you are plugged into an outlet and have a battery in the light, the unit will charge the battery.  How cool is that?  Not only an awesome light, but an awesome light with a charger.

For the light and output, Milwaukee implemented their Trueview lighting.  Trueview lighting is a white or clear light without any tint to it.  This is great for an electrician, painter and more.  No more wondering if the light is playing tricks on your eyes and what color you are seeing.  You can easily see that an orange wire is orange, not red.

This light is a solid addition to their line up.  The stand is quality and I like the fact of how easy and simple it is to deploy.  The legs slide open easily and the unit is very sturdy.  It’s hard for me to knock this light since it does such an awesome job with lighting up an area.  I guess if I had to complain about one thing, it would be there isn’t a bottle opener on it for when the work is done and I just want a refreshment.

Milwaukee Rocket Light Review Specifications

  • High Mode 3,000 Lumens | 2+ hrs
  • Low Mode 900 Lumens | 8 hrs
  • Weight 18 lbs
  • Height 41.5″
  • Width 9.5″
  • Tool Warranty 5 Years

Overall this is a great light.  I love the three independent lights so you can shine light in any direction.  Milwaukee didn’t stray away from quality with this light.  The stand, base and lights are all solid.  I love the fact it only takes seconds to deploy, but best of all, I love the brightness of the light and the 3 brightness settings.  A huge plus to this light is the ability to run it off an M18 battery or AC.  While the unit is plugged into an outlet, the ability to charge an M18 battery is a huge feature.  Anyone looking for a quality light with a ton of features that is tough and powerful, the Milwaukee Rocket light is a great option for any professional tradesman.



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