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Milwaukee Tool has been hitting the market hard with their new line of storage products.  A while back, you may remember we covered the Milwaukee 20″ Jobsite organizer case and the 13″ Tool Organizer.  Then recently they introduced a couple new Tool Boxes.  Well today they are adding to that line with two new ways to organize your tools and fasteners.  They have a Bucket Organizer Wrap Model 48-22-8175 and the Parachute Organizer Bag model 48-22-8170.   While I love tools, nothing beats a good way to organize your stuff.  How much time do you waste in your life looking around for something because it didn’t have a place to go?

Milwaukee Tools Bucket Organizer Wrap

Milwaukee 48-22-8175

Back in 1987 Bucket Boss created the first bucket organizer to the market.  Now the 5 gallon bucket has a purpose besides being a back up to the Port-a-Potty.  It was now a way to organize all your hand tools, keep them at arms length for easy access and a way to carry them from point A to B.  If you are familiar with the traditional Bucket Boss organizer, then you are pretty much caught up to speed with the Milwaukee organizer.  The new Milwaukee is designed with a tear resistant 1680D ballistic material, sounds pretty tough to me.  This organizer features a full exterior wrap to make the most out of any space available.  Like the other products available on the market, this also has an open top which means more storage.  You can toss bigger tools in the bucket or whatever your heart desires.  On the outside of the bucket, there are two zipper pockets and 30 open pockets for hand tools.  If that’s not enough, how about a padded handle?  Milwaukee included a padded handle that will go over the 5 gallon standard handle, which will give you more grip and prevent those times when you over load your bucket from tearing into your hand.


Milwaukee Tool Parachute Organizer Bag

Milwaukee 48-22-8170

As with the bucket organizer, this is also made with 1680D Ballistic material for strength.  The parachute organizer is made for fasteners, which we all know shreds material.  So this 1680D material should withstand long term use.  We have all seen the cloth bags that get shredded up after a month of heavy use.  Plus with the cloth material, the bag doesn’t stay open.  However with the Milwaukee organizer, this is designed with a stand up, open design which allows the user full access without having to mess around opening the bag.  But wait, that’s not all.  These are stackable, yes you heard that right.  You can stack on top of another.  But if you order today, you will get the high quality reinforced water resistant base and an external zipper pocket storage.  If you order within the next ten minutes, you can get a second one for full price.

When Milwaukee designed these, they did it right.  Plenty of storage solutions and a toughness to go with it.  Next time you’re at The Home Depot, take a look.  If you have experience with these, leave a comment below or on our video.  We always love hearing your feedback.


  1. Love the bucket organizer, much improvement on the husky bucket jackets even though those are nice. #TIACREW


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