Milwaukee Offers 3 New Hand Tools


Milwaukee is at it again, this time they have released three new hand tools.  They now have the following items:

  • Fencing Pliers – 48-22-6410
  • Ironworker’s Pliers – 48-22-6102
  • 7″ Nipping Pliers – 48-22-6407


Milwaukee Hand Tools 2

Milwaukee 7″ Nipping Pliers 48-22-6407

These new pliers have an iron carbide edge and smooth jaw.  They are also rust resistant.  The jaws are designed with an optimized angle which makes them perfect for cutting and pulling nails, screws and other materials.  If you’re dealing with fasteners, it’s always nice to have a pair because we are always dealing with at least one stubborn fastener.



Milwaukee Hand Tools 3

Milwaukee Fencing Pliers 48-22-6410

Only if Milwaukee had come out with these a couple years back when I was putting up a wired fence around a garden, wow my life would have been so much easier.  These new fencing pliers are perfect for those types of applications.  They are a multi purpose tool that have a high leverage design which means it’s perfect for pulling staples or other fasteners.  You can also pinch staple, cut or crimp fencing wire and it even has a general purpose hammer when dealing with those types of fasteners.



Milwaukee Hand Tools 4Milwaukee Ironworker’s Pliers 48-22-6102

These are designed with a hardened jaw and an angle for cutting or twisting rebar tie wire.  The iron carbide edge is said to provide twice the cutting life compared to other hand tools like this.




I have to say that I like the direction Milwaukee is going with their hand tool market.  They have been producing not only a lot of general hand tools, but specific hand tools that really help out specific jobs.  Too many times guys have to buy a general tool and work within that tools parameters.



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