Milwaukee Mud Mixer Review


When it comes to new power tools, not too many manufacturers can compete with Milwaukee Tool.  Week after week, month after month and year after year, Milwaukee Tool has been pumping out some very cool and productive new tools for the professional tradesmen.  They have been relying heavily on their proven 18V battery platform to help tradesmen not only become more efficient but also more productive.  So it didn’t come to us as surprise when they announced their new cordless release.  So let’s jump into the new Milwaukee Mud Mixer Review.

Milwaukee Mud Mixer Review – Overview

Milwaukee Mud Mixer Review

Mixing products together in the field can be a hassle.  You have to find power, probably get an extension cord and then move all your products closer to your mixing station because there is usually no power where you need it most.  Well, those days are gone.

Milwaukee Mud Mixer ReviewMilwaukee has developed the first dedicated cordless mixer.  Yes, Dewalt, Ridgid, and others have mixers on the market, but the Milwaukee Mud Mixer is the first cordless solution.  This means you can now set up shop right where they dropped the products that need to be mixed.  This way you are only moving them once.

If you are looking for a simple way to mix products on site that is powerful and reliable, the Milwaukee mud mixer might be up your alley.  So now it’s easy to mix concrete, mortar, epoxy, drywall and stucco.

Milwaukee Mud Mixer Review – Features

Milwaukee Mud Mixer Review

Milwaukee designed this with their brushless motor which is easily recognizable with the “Fuel” label.  The brushless motor, as you would expect is designed for torque.  The max RPM is 550 which is plenty enough fast for mixing a variety of compounds together.

There are three ways to adjust the speed.

  • Variable Trigger – Very smooth and easy to control
  • Lock On Position
  • Speed dial selector

Milwaukee Mud Mixer Review

The Milwaukee Mud Mixer uses a 1/2″ keyed chuck.  Now some might not like the idea of a keyed chuck but when you’re dealing with this much torque, a keyed chuck is more reliable and durable.

Milwaukee Mud Mixer Review

Don’t worry the key is stored at the end of the adjustable handle.  When you insert the key you can be assured it will stay in place as it’s nice and snug so you shouldn’t lose it.

The handle is adjustable up to 180° with 16 locking positions.  So no matter what position you are in, you safely use this tool and have full control over the mixer.

Milwaukee Mud Mixer Review

One great feature of the mixer is the handle.  It’s not a cheap handle with a metal band that wraps around the front of the mixer like most drills.  This handle is solid and a true part of the mixer.  Trust me when I say this handle will hold up and not move once locked in place.

Milwaukee Mud Mixer Review

Speaking of locking the handle, locking the handle is tool free.  Just flip open the clip, move the handle to the desired position and flip it back into place.  Now you are set to go.

Milwaukee Mud Mixer Review – Performance

Overall this unit is powerful and can easily replace your corded mixer.  Mixing concrete, paint, mortar or other products is simple and easy to do.  The adjustable handle means you can mix in a comfortable position and have complete control over the tool while performing the mixing task.

While the tool can easily power through concrete, we do notice the overload protection can shut down rather quickly which can sometimes be annoying.

Milwaukee Mud Mixer Review

We don’t think you are going to buy this for only mixing paint, but we wanted to try it since a lot of guys in the field are doing multiple tasks.  So if you are a guy mixing different compounds together, it’s also nice as it has enough control to mix paint without spraying it everywhere.

Now we didn’t test it as we will take Milwaukee’s word for it.  According to Milwaukee, the mud mixer can mix 15 premix drywall buckets using the 5Ah battery.

Bottom line this mixer is strong and the brushless motor will mix any compounds together without breaking a sweat.

Milwaukee Mud Mixer Review – Value

The unit is powerful and you will pay a premium for this unit over a corded unit.  However, the ease of use for the whole operation can justify the extra cost.  You no longer have guys lifting heavy products twice (once to move it to the mixing station and once to empty the contents).  Now the guys can set up right next to where the deliverer decided to set all the bags of concrete (or other materials).

So yes, you will pay a premium, but the trade off is well worth the extra cost.

Milwaukee Mud Mixer Review – Final Thoughts

As with other Milwaukee Tools, we have tested, the Milwaukee Mud Mixer is a winner.  The unit is powerful and since it works on their proven M18 platform, it’s hard to go wrong. While the mixer is a little heavy, it’s very easy to work with and the adjustable handle means you can work in almost any angle.  The variable speed dial is a great added feature to allow the user to match the speed with the products they are mixing.


  1. I picked one of these up over Labor Day weekend. The mixer feels lighter weight than I expected and for the type of tool it is, it doesn’t feel heavy to me at all. Also, I really like that adjustable handle and where the chuck key is stored. I paired it with some 9ah batteries and am going to put it to the test in the next couple of weeks.

  2. Has anybody else had a problem with the mixer making a grinding noise when starting and stopping. It’s almost an attempt to brake and make the paddle stop but it just doesn’t feel right. With no paddle there is no grinding while on and while the paddle is in the material there is no grinding. Just when spinning off the excess material from paddle

    • Just checked mine out, and yeah it can, but not certain that it would be considered defective or not. The weight of the spinning paddle can get out of sync with the tool electronics when letting off the trigger quickly, and then pulling it back to full throttle just as quick, making it stutter, or grind as it were. Easing back onto the trigger after quick releasing it pretty much keeps it from stuttering. This can happen at all rpm levels and gets pretty screwball on the lowest setting.

      Maybe Milwaukee needs to make an adjustment in the software?

      • As it turns out, under heavy sideways load, the tool will start up a stutter/grind at various rpm. Spent about four hours today using it on and off to mix up concrete, and it chattered pretty consistently while mixing the mud and moving across the tub.
        Not certain what to do about it though.

  3. I have been using this mixer for about a month now and it has performed great. Now I’ll have to see how it goes over the long haul

  4. I tested out the mud mixer today seems to shut down much to easy for the powerful tool it’s suppose to be. Not sure, I think the cut out is set to light.

  5. I purchased the mud mixer but with the m14 screw bit instead of the chuck. Is it possible to screw in a chuck instead of having too use the screw bit cause you are restricted in only using puddle mixers with the m14 screw tip.


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