Milwaukee M18 Oscillating Tool Review Model 2626-22


If you would have asked me a couple years ago about oscillating tools what I thought, I would have told you I don’t need them and they are a gimmick.  The reason being is because an oscillating tool was something I saw on late night tv and just like the other 150 million items, seem to be junk.  Well good thing you didn’t ask me that question a while back because I would have been dead wrong.  In fact, now it is one of my go to tools. Besides the blades being a rip off, these tools are great and invaluable.  Okay, enough small talk, let’s jump into the Milwaukee M18 Oscillating tool.

When you first pick up this tool, you can tell Milwaukee put some thought into it.  The tool is well balanced and feels very nice in your hand.  The tool weighs 4.15 lbs.  When using the tool, the vibrations are kept low and you don’t feel a lot of vibrations transferred to your hand.  This system is like most of the others out there, it has a variable speed dial.  This one is located on the handle and can allow the user to adjust speeds from 11,000 to 18,000 OPM.  One very cool thing Milwaukee did with this tool is integrate a nice bright LED to the front, which does a great job lighting up your work.

Milwaukee M18 Oscillating Tool 9Changing the blade is also easy.  Now this isn’t the fastest system we have seen, but it does a pretty good job.  Just lift a lever up in the front of the tool and now you can unscrew a bolt that is holding the blade in place.  Good news is you don’t need a tool, but the bad news is you have an extra part on the tool.  We all know what happens to these parts, yes they get lost.  Plus, you now also have the opportunity to introduce foreign materials into the shaft where the bolt goes.  I don’t know if I am spoiled with the Bosch and Dewalt, but I would like to see a different system.  For most people, this won’t bother anyone and in reality, if I own the Milwaukee M18 line, I would buy this in a heart beat and wouldn’t second guess myself.  If I was looking for the best, I still prefer the Bosch MX30EC for corded and the Bosch MXH180 for cordless.

To wrap this up, Milwaukee did a great job with the design of this tool.  While I complain about the blade change system, the reality is it is still quick and easy, much better than using a tool.  The main points to this tool are durability, ease of use, low vibration and comfort and Milwaukee tackled all of those points and made a great oscillating tool.


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  1. I was using my M12 oscillating tool last weekend, trying to cut single gang outlets into 1″ wainscoting on 3/4″ plywood, and am really tempted by the M18 model. If love to have the extra power and runtime. I understand Milwaukee continuing with non-fuel model on some tools, lowering both power and price point, but for something like this that had such a high power draw, I don’t see the appeal of a brushed model if there’s a brushless model in the works.

  2. I love the write & very detailed as always. I have a Ridgid cordless multi-tool & it truly is a multi-tool, because it has different attachments that I can use for it (auto-hammer, wrench, back-scratcher, jig-saw, & a few others). I love mine for small jobs, but will invest in one with a little more power. I’m torn between DeWalt & Bosch, now you throw this one in the mix. It may come down to the universal attachments, because I need them to fit my Ridgid as well. I think that I will wait till they go down in price, maybe. Laters TIA

  3. Good review guys by the way the ridgid jobmax switch is like the dewalt and i love it, just waiting for a review of the dewalt blades because the bosch are hard to beat, and i would like to get the dewalt but i can only find there blades online

  4. Great review Eric. Good points. I like the features Milwaukee has. It reminds me of the fein. I would buy this oscillating tool.

  5. This was one of the funnier videos.
    As for the tool I do like the dust collection attachment in the first part of the clip. I’ll stick with my M12 though.

    So why did you cut the video at the end… maybe I don’t want to know.

  6. Hey Guys @ tools in action. ..
    All these multi tools all have differnt oscillating degrees of operation .. example the dewalt 3 amp has 1.8 @20k opm i believe and the porter cable 3 amp has 2.8 degrees @ 22k opm and the corded Milwaukee has 3.4 the others I really dont know about. What do you guys think about the different degrees of osiliation. Is more better or is less a smoother tool for the user. I think it is something to think about. Does it make much difference in the tools performance… Just something that I haven’t seen anyone mention.

  7. I want Milwaukee Fuel to make its way to this M18 MultiTool. You guys have any scoop on that? I am tempted to get the Dewalt DSC355 though, but I want to stick with my Milwaukee batteries to use.


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