Milwaukee M18 Metal Saw Review

Milwaukee M18 Metal Saw Review

Working with metal is a big part of a tradesman’s daily activity, especially for an electrician. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a quality saw that could make your life a little easier? Sure, Makita, Hilti, Dewalt and other manufacturers have one on the market.  But what if you are invested into the Milwaukee platform?  Well, now you can jump up and down for joy as Milwaukee has a cordless Metal cutting saw available.  So here is our Milwaukee M18 Metal Saw Review.

Milwaukee M18 Metal Saw Review – Overview

Milwaukee M18 Metal Saw Review

One thing to love about Milwaukee is their line of tools.  Not only do they have one of the largest products lines available, but you can buy a lot of their tools as bare tools or a kit with two batteries, model 2782-22.

We were fortunate enough to test the kit which includes:

  • Milwaukee Metal Saw 2782-20
  • 2 M18 – 5Ah Batteries
  • Charger
  • Metal Blade
  • Wrench
  • Soft Bag

Milwaukee M18 Metal Saw Review – Features

Milwaukee M18 Metal Saw Review

This saw is packed with a ton of features such as a brushless motor that delivers 3,900 rpms which makes cutting EMT a breeze.  While we didn’t test the claim, Milwaukee says this saw can make up to 370 cuts into 3/4″ EMT (That’s 1 cut per minute for 6 hours straight).  That’s a lot of cuts before a battery change.

If you are someone who will be performing a lot of work overhead, you will be happy that not only does this tool have a low profile design, but it only weighs 5.9 lbs.

Milwaukee M18 Metal Saw ReviewOnce you are done cutting, there is a hideaway hang hook, so you can hang it on the ladder or work area.

While this saw doesn’t have a chip collector, it does have a decent LED and very nice clear window to help see exactly where you’re cutting.

Milwaukee M18 Metal Saw Review – Performance

Milwaukee M18 Metal Saw Review

Milwaukee M18 Metal Saw Review

We ended up making a lot of cuts into pipe, EMT, rebar and more.  While the footprint of this saw is small, it packs a powerful punch and can cut through a wide variety of material with ease.

Sure if you press hard and push fast you can get the tool to stall, but that is primarily due to the protection of the tool.  Instead of burning up the tool, battery or motor, the tool will shut itself down and protect itself and your investment.

Milwaukee M18 Metal Saw Review – Final Thoughts

If you are looking into buying a metal cutting cordless saw, the Milwaukee is worth a look. If you already own the Milwaukee battery platform, then this is an easy decision and smart investment.  With a 5 year warranty on the tool, it’s a great addition to any electricians tool arsenal.



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