Milwaukee M18 Jobsite Radio Added to the Ultimate Tool Bag


We are excited to announce a great addition to the Ultimate Tool Bag Give Away, the Milwaukee M18 Jobsite Radio.  This is one of the top radios on the market.  Very easy to use, great sound and durable.  What else could a user ask for.  OK it would be cool if it kept your beer cold, well it does have a bottle open.

How do you enter to win? – Simple, we just want to hear your opinions and views.  Leave a comment on our Power Tool Forum, YouTube Channel, FaceBook, below on this article or one of our many other channels.  Let us know your thoughts, views, opinions and you will be entered to win.

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  1. Is it poweredby the M18 battery, or does it need to be plugged in? Does it come with a battery, or is it a bare tool?

  2. Awesome addition you guys! Even if you are not pro red you have to give this one two ears up! Fantastic sound, Bluetooth connectivity is awesome.

  3. This would be a great addition to my tool arsenal. Plus they day goes by so much quicker with grat tunes in the background.

  4. Long time first time. I had to come out of the trolling shadows for this one. I love all the red tools. Keep up the great reviews.
    Chula Vista

  5. It will not match all my “Yellow” but if it puts out good tunes, I am in. Thanks Dan and Eric when is the show going on Network TV? Keep up the great reviews, I am addicted.

  6. I wish this radio was compatible with M12 batteries like the older radio was. Usually my grinder is eating up my M18 batteries and the M12 batteries are in the radio.

  7. I was just looking at my Milwaukee collection this weekend and felt this would be my next thing I’d like to add. It would be even better if I didn’t have to pay for it! I’ll keep my fingers crossed.


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