Milwaukee M18 Fuel High Torque Impact Wrench Review


Yes, another M18 Fuel.  I can’t help it.  They keep slamming out new and cool tools to the market and we just have to get our hands on them.  For this one we took a look at the Milwaukee M18 High Torque Impact wrench model 2763-22. Before we get started I just have to say if you’re a mechanic, put your listening ears on.

As you know when you see a Milwaukee Fuel you know a couple things without even looking any further.  First, since it says Fuel, you know it’s brushless.  You know you should have longer run time.  Also, Milwaukee is shipping these with their new M18 4.0 A/h battery, so even longer run time.  Okay let’s check this out.

As Dan stated in the video, the tool is heavy, but that’s what I would expect to see in a tool like this.  Maybe he just needs to start working out more and he wouldn’t be complaining.  Picking up the tool, you do feel the weight, but most of the weight is on top of your hand which makes it pretty easy to control.  The balance of the tool is good.  If you plan on working above your head, I could see how this would get very heavy over a long period of time.

In return for the weight, what do you get?  Well you get 100 ft lbs. of torque on setting 1 and 700 ft lbs of torque on setting 2.  You get 1,100 ft lbs of nut busting torque with this tool, which does sound painful, but in this circumstance, it’s useful. The wrench uses a 1/2″ friction ring for quick socket changes.

A couple notes about this tool is first it comes with the multi charger for 18V and 12V Milwaukee batteries.  If you don’t own any 12V batteries, then you probably couldn’t care less about the chargers.  However you might interested in knowing it has a variable speed trigger.  So with the option of changing settings and a variable speed trigger, you are pretty much set to go and can have complete control over this tool.

This tool can be very useful for the traveling mechanic, the one who has to be out in -5 degree weather to change a plow blade, fix a front loader or do one of the main things you need to do out in the field.  The guy who is working under a semi truck when it’s 100 degrees outside or trying to make some adjustments on the over-heated engine.  For power and portability, this is a great impact wrench.  With the Milwaukee name, you know it’s reliable.

As with the other Milwaukee tools, this has a 5 year warranty on the tool and 3 years on the battery.  Again, this tool is hard to beat.  Yes, the IR will give it a run for its money, but they don’t have nearly as many 18V tools as Milwaukee.  I like the fact I can expand into a whole set of different tools without having to invest in new batteries.  Bottom line, this is one bad a** impact wrench.  If you’re serious about your automotive use and want cordless, check this wrench out.  You won’t be disappointed.



  1. been using baby fuel impact 2655-20..sweet doing transmission with 3 foot extension bar
    and swivel on bell housing bolts…new one has monster numbers on torq.bought fuel saw.
    milwaukee shop vac..battery eating monster .munches 4.0 to..saw makes up for it in
    spade.trying to like shop vac…dewalt nicad lasted longer.suction good.not near as loud.
    put a muffler diffuser on blower biggie..maybe mines a lemon.
    fuel saw also has bigger needle bearing in it that holds shaft under gear than 2630.
    took them both apart.never miss the line with fuel light..later might take
    sweeper lunchbox apart check my whinney motor..hmmm would fuel motor
    impact on my list..first add milwaukee fuel sawall..grinder.still love that hackzall .diablo
    blades and ice ones ..cut through stuff like sawzall..good review on the beast..holy crap
    rated higher than my air impact.truckers going to love that impact…merry christmas TIA..& members.

  2. I would love to have this beast of a nut buster, but I wouldn’t use it enough to justify it for how little use it would get. I wish I did have more uses for it because I really want it :/

  3. Such a beast…hopping the wife got my hint this xmas… Its .5 heaver then the IR but again the fuel line is ever expanding and just to hard to pass up…love to see a tool fight between this the ir , matco, and snapon 1/2… #TeamRed #Milwaukee

  4. I picked one of these up recently, mode 1 is a real disappointment, but mode 2 is mind blowing. Did a suspension swap and the big suspension bolts that are typically impacted on tight (rather than torqued to their spec), just zipped off like they weren’t there. Pulls off axle nuts with maybe 1 sec of impacting.

    I got it since I already had a newer M18 kit with the big batteries and it was roughly the same cost as a quality IR air impact, but this doesn’t need a sizable compressor to run.


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