Milwaukee M18 Compact Vacuum – 0882

Milwaukee Vacuum

If this vacuum is anything like the Milwaukee M18 0880-20, this thing is going to be a winner and everyone will want it.  I have owned the 0880 since it first came out and this thing is still running strong.  We use it almost every day from cleaning out the truck to sucking water out of our pit and everything in between.

The new Milwaukee M18 compact vacuum seems to be just as cool, but with a twist, which is one thing I am digging about this vacuum.  You can either use it standing up to get a larger area of the floor or you can put on a flexible hose and get into tight areas.  This makes it perfect for almost any application such as cleaning up drywall dust, metal shavings or wood.  You know those times when you’re at a clients house and you make a small mess, this unit is perfect.

Milwaukee Vacuum

The vacuum comes with a bunch of accessories such as (2) extension wands, 4’ flexible hose, crevice tool, floor tool, and removable HEPA filter.  The only thing I would like to have seen different would be an additional tool.  I would have liked to see this vacuum come with a soft brush.  Is it a huge deal? No, but it’s just a tool that I use a ton.

There is a clear view case that catches all the debris and allows you to easily see when the vacuum needs to be emptied.  To empty the vacuum, you go over a garbage can, undo a latch and the bottom will flip open and all the dirt will fall out.  As with their o880, this has a filter that is removable and allows you to clean the filter when it gets dirty. With a Milwaukee 5Ah battery, you should get about 25 minutes of runtime.  If you want more runtime, just throw on the Milwaukee 9Ah battery and you will be cleaning for a long time.

Milwaukee M18 Compact Vacuum Specification

  • Adapts from Handheld to Stationary
  • 40 CFM
  • Removable HEPA Filter
  • Canister Volume: 36 oz
  • Inlet Diameter: 1 1/4″
  • Length 16″
  • Weight 4.22 lbs
  • Height 8.62″
  • Width 7″



  1. I’ve been using this for a few weeks now, I’ve used it for everything from cat litter, to glass, to drywall dust and more. The only downside is the elbow inside the inlet into the tank can sometimes clog with larger debris, but avoiding larger items is easy enough. I use this at home as much as I do at work, you get crazy runtime out of a 9.0 Ah battery. The floor attachment with both extension tubes allows you to vacuum floors standing up, it’s very handy.


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