Milwaukee M12 Wireless Jobsite Speaker 2592-20


Last year about this time, Milwaukee came out with the M18 Bluetooth radio.  This year it’s the M12 Bluetooth, well not a radio, but a speaker.  Who needs a radio now a days with all the internet stations?  While it’s nice having a loud radio, sometimes it can be a little too much.  That is where the M12 speaker shines.  The speaker is perfect if you are working in a smaller room, on a job site where there isn’t much noise or even if you don’t feel like hauling a bigger radio around.  With the M12 speaker, you can easily fit it in your tool bag and carry it from place to place.

A couple key features of the speaker is it has a 30ft Bluetooth range.  Which means you can play your music from your phone or other device up to 30ft away.  In regards to sound quality, don’t expect it to match the M18 radio as this is a smaller speaker, but for the size, it sounds great.  Milwaukee designed the radio with a little base port in the bottom so it doesn’t sound tingy.  If you don’t have bluetooth, there is a 3.5mm aux port for your playback.  Milwaukee also included a 2.1A USB charger.

I think this speaker is so cool and appeals to so many people.  As far as I am concerned this radio is not only for contractors, but campers, tailgating, sitting out back or a hundred other uses.  Let us know what you think.



  1. Nice write up Eric I’ve been wanting to buy this lil radio but just always forget to order and price is right on for a Bluetooth radio, I have the DeWalt one which is also nice 2 just ask my wife lol she won’t give it back!

  2. I dig it. Perfect size for the top of the tool cart. A lot of my jobsites are in active offices and excessive noise is a no-no.


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